This is why we can't have nice things

@zyk I mean, sure, but it's still better than seven *different* port shapes. At least the cables can be basically the same.

We'll get there. Step by step.

@rysiek Yeah except before I could dive into the BigBoxOfSalvagedCables™ and make a reasonable guess as to weather something would be compatible with my usecase by looking at the shape of the connector

@zyk dunno, so far in my experience an USB-C cables are equivalent to one another.

@rysiek In my experience cables are the worst part. Finding one that supports both high voltages for charging *and* high data rates for a display was consumer hell.

@rysiek @zyk just try to buy a 3m long cable to connect your display to your computer!

those "cheap" ones actually don't work for DP/Thunderbolt and 2m is the max by the spec without resorting to optical transmission (never seen that available to be bought)

Or how about charging? trying to do 20V over your old USB-C to USB-C cable? good luck!

@drazraeltod Especially the charging!
I have a USB-C cable that came with Microsoft phone, it's not cheap looking and it is a fine cable all around, but it can't fast charge my phone, unlike the cable that came with it. The wall charger is the same, the length is approximately the same, but it does not work 🤬
@rysiek @zyk

@zyk Every cable is universal when you have a soldering iron.

@zyk i still don't really understand what these mean, i just plug stuff in till it works.

@zyk this is ten times better than "USB 3.2 gen 2x2"

@zyk Needs FireWire thrown in there to really fuck things up.

@zyk Would be nice if these labels were at least on the cables themselves by default... Like this it's difficult to actually find a compatible, good cable in a pile of random USB-C cables.

@zyk Can someone explain me the motivation behind separating all these types? Why can't all connectors be capable of the same attributes?
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