For the who are liking the fediverse experience:
There exists an open/federated IM/chat system called Matrix.
It supports all the features you've come to expect from messenger/Whatsapp/slack/discord/etc including end-to-end encryption. Apps for all platforms + a web thing.
The global userbase is already measured in the millions and there's even an active NZ community.

And the best part? Your favorite sysop (@idanoo) is already running an instance
Get amongst it!

@idanoo A little more shameless self-promotion. (bump)

Welcome to the new users who found their way onto last night! Like masto, there's fast days and slow days - hang around for a while and you'll discover cool people/rooms.

Still plenty of headroom on the serv, so if you haven't signed up yet, drop by sometime and say hi

Oh, also if anyone has ideas for rooms/topics they'd like to see added to the Official NZ Community let us know

@zyk Once registered you can click here: and join our NZ community! (Group of channels)

@idanoo I am in!

Oh no, it's asking me to make decisions. 😬

Any suggestions on an app to use? Element?

@explorergrace @idanoo element is the best place to start - it's the default/official one, but there are a handful of others depending on your needs/platform

@zyk @idanoo Thank you! I will give Element a go for starters 👍

@zyk @explorergrace @idanoo May be the only one implementing Video/Voice calls at this stage too? Fluffychat is working on it I think, but not yet implemented.

@michael @zyk @explorergrace It looks like Fluffy does direct voice calls only at the moment - haven't tested it. (I use fluffy primarily)

@michael @zyk @explorergrace Also I implemented a turn server on but haven't actually tested it since migrating a month ago 🤔

@michael @zyk @explorergrace Hah not sure yet.. Will probably keep this combo around for awhile, have heaps of server resource at the moment but I'm prepared for mastodon/mtrx to grow, maybe too

@michael @idanoo @zyk @explorergrace folks, we've already got an Aotearoa-based BigBlueButton (which, in addition to being fully Free and Open Source, is like Jitsi on steroids) - - you're welcome to use it - if you send me an email, I'll send you an invite so you can create your own rooms and organise your own vid-conf coms. It's an impressive platform. Hosting is sponsored by

@michael @idanoo @zyk @explorergrace sorry, that should've been 'send me a DM with an email address'... 😃

@lightweight @michael @zyk @explorergrace Jitsi integrates with matrix pretty well from what I've seen. That's cool there's already BBB setup though!

@idanoo @michael @zyk @explorergrace yup, Jitsi's good (at least for small groups, up to 6 or so participants - have you had luck scaling it up?) - we have Jitsi integrated with our Rocket.Chat too (, but it also integrates with BigBlueButton, which supports groups of 50+ (probably up to 200, but we haven't ever reached that number in a single call). Does Matrix have any BBB integration?

@lightweight @michael @zyk @explorergrace Not that I'm aware of. I'm hesitant to use BBB after someone I know at Catalyst did a security audit and multiple CVE's were created. These may be resolved now - it was a long time ago.

@idanoo @michael @zyk @explorergrace I suspect a 3rd party security audit of most software (proprietary or #FOSS) by a competent dev team would find some holes... I'm interested to know if the BBB dev team have addressed the issues Catalyst found... (BBB development has certainly been progressing rapidly since the first Covid lockdown!)

@lightweight @idanoo @zyk @explorergrace I've only just recently deployed it myself, and only to test the video rooms feature coming to Element (Element call has a way to go still, particularly around auth).
Jitsi should scale a lot higher than 6, provided all the right settings are in place. (jvb ws mode, simulcast). It's documentation needs a lot of work for the docker model though.
That said I don't have 6+ users to test it with! 😅

@zyk @idanoo do you use a common auth backend for the Mastodon and Matrix instances? I use Keycloak + OpenLDAP for mine but have never thought how I'd add a public registration front end to those.

@michael @zyk Not at the moment - It's all per service, I wouldn't mind eventually having a setup like some do, but LDAP can be a bit of a pain heh

@idanoo @zyk Oh it sucks without a doubt, but a necessary evil at times. I'd love to only have Keycloak as the user db but too many things still can't speak OIDC.

@michael @zyk It's almost like we need a standard that everyone follows 😂

@zyk @idanoo
We're using it for chat at my work for a while now. I'm very glad to be avoiding Slack and Teams :-)

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