Bisexual flag earrings! I really like how these came out. And yes, that's my empty wine glass in the background. 😆

Aside from low pay, I have a really good workplace with a great group of people. Lucky. <3

I can't do much about much but boy howdy I can continue to make jewellery to block out my own thoughts.

Coping with my many Feels by getting drunk and sewing a bowtie: A+.

This morning I de-iced my car to go to the gym, and when I'd finished and come outside the car had iced over again.

I had a really hectic day at work, so came home and buried myself in crafting. Already feel so much better.

Type & delete, type & delete, type & delete. And then feel like I have nothing interesting to say. 😆

My little stall today. I chatted with lots of lovely people and saw SO MANY Good Dogs. If you like dogspotting I highly recommend the New Brighton Seaside Market on a Saturday. A+ doggo quality.

Had a lovely day out at New Brighton Seaside Market, sold a few pieces, enough to spend the money on some more supplies. It's neverending. :D

I have a really nice torch but the battery has died and also it doesn't work with a different battery in it either. So... possibly bulb I guesssss?

I think she was thinking of formal dancing but even so... Rainbow. Themed.

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Explaining to my mother that the *rainbow-themed* work do I'm going to does not particularly need an even balance of men and women for dancing.

Had a lovely morning hiding in rubble from search and rescue dogs. They get so excited when they find you.

Lined up a new market that I'm both nervous and excited about. Also my fancy expensive pens I want but don't need arrived from overseas. 😄

Tonight my mother learned that I have a tattoo... which is about twenty years old.

I always put off making things, and then I make the things, and remember how good it feels to make things.

I went to buy some gloves today and came home with gloves, polyprops, and a new jumper/jersey. At least I'll be warm and broke.

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