This months server image is by... me! 😆
It was suggested last time I use one of mine, I took this end of July and hadn't posted yet; it is of Back Beach in New Plymouth looking out over the small islands (some of which you can paddle to at low tide).

You can see it on the and pages, but here it is in the post as well 🙂

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oh, fun fact: it is actually 3 images stitched together. I think I only had my 50-140 that day on my X-H1.

@welshpixie thanks! This was an extremely difficult shot to get 😉

I stepped out of work van on lunchbreak and made the images from the carpark hehe.

@swansinflight really makes a kiwi living in #denmark miss his land of birth. Beautiful pic

@swansinflight hi there. I was going to set your image as a screen background, but it isn't really big enough. Do you maybe have a higher resolution version maybe you could share?

@swansinflight much sharper. thanks so much. just for my desktop, gotcha.

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