@swansinflight And sorry, I know that's not actually helpful. It's just Facebook seems to evolve further and further towards being a giant pile of trash.

@artilectzed no I agree with you. This particular group I don;t really care about, however there are a couple that don't exist anywher else which would be frustrating to lose. I am in the process of setting up a website for my event photography, so images don't need to be in fb albums, but I'll have to work harder at events (motorsport mainly) to get my name out there so folks know where to go instead of FB.
The plan is definitely to delete but it takes effort to set up.

@swansinflight I wouldn't be surprised if they're blocking those links to try to keep people inside the FB ecosystem. Before I deleted my account a few years, I learned that any post I made linking to my flickr page just weren't being shown to anyone.

@artilectzed oh that is definitely the case. They let things like imgur through as tto many would complain - a single blog on a custom domain? pfft nah lets block by default. 😦

@artilectzed @swansinflight I don't use FB, but I remember them censoring their users if they posted the link joinmastodon.org, so that is definitely the case.

@swansinflight Sheesh, it's probably because Facebook doesn't want people moving away from their site. 😒

I suspect Facebook looks for activitypub endpoints

I think that could be tested by watching for web requests from the preview bot while drafting a post

@r000t that does sound feasible, however that is beyond me unfortunately.

@swansinflight I’ve had/seen this happen with screenshots and links to funny Fedi posts, too—nothing political, even.

@tejr crazy. Most people “normies” will never encounter this so they get away with it. 😕

@swansinflight It’s tempting to conclude it’s a co-ordinated policy to remove links to federated social media specifically, but I suspect the truth is more innocuous than that, and it’s something about the sites that runs afoul of ham-fisted automation in their moderation.

@tejr never attribute malice to that which can be explained by incompetence.

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