: harvesting plants, and killing npc mobs at the same time...

Just rebuilding my stocks and NIC (currency) so I can eventually PvP.
On the Open perpetuum server 5 accounts/clients are legal, however I can only manage 3 or 4 at most, and usually only 2 if actually doing something active.
And yes it works well with on , even though currently I am in fact using Windows.

soo @DestinationLinux has a .

I approve. are way more gooder than telegrams.

is pointless to me; no topics, unsearcheable.... it's just noise for those that have time to stare at a screen I guess? I end up with notifications in the thousands and just don't bother.

Dutch TV show discussing The Social Dilemma. 10 minutes later: "Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!"

They didn't get the message.

lightly unsettling food image 

hey #nightcrew ,

I'm really sorry-not-sorry but,

Have you heard of Long Eggs?

@jkb ... is an obvious response. In the 2020s, the majority of users *are* experts - but most of them aren't experts in technology. If I see people with a long experience and research history in, say, (non-software) architecture, pharmacy, ... falling back to Apple because it "just works" (unlike Windows or Linux that doesn't), that's the challenge I see for the FLOSS people to take. This kind of "target group" will never bother to RTFM if they elsewhere get something that works.


When climate deniers hit you with that “wind turbines kill millions of birds” bad-faith argument you can show them this chart


"The internet isn't inherently good or evil. That's determined by what people do with it. "

No, I don't subscribe to that view of technology at all.

The idea that technology is "value-neutral" is itself an idea (and ideas are themselves technologies), and it's an idea that I don't think is value-neutral.

I think every technology has a shape. It imposes that shape on us, making some acts/thoughts easier, and others harder.

Our tools shape us. We should care about what that shape is.

More spam, I mean ... loving my new wide screen, and that I can run the max of 5 accounts (game clients) that this server allows without breaking a sweat on my machine now.

Doing some mining with the one on the right, and havesting assignments to grind up rep for income on the left one. On another workspace I have 1 other client tonight, which is transport for the miner who is dumping the ore into a field container because cargo doesn't hold much.... transport bot is taking the ore to a field terminal from the field container (which are only temporary storage, lasting 90 minutes from when last accessed)... it's all very tedious and boring, but I love it. The squares are from a titan ore geoscan.

And then there's the PvP of course. Such a cool game from 2012, it's awesome that they the server and allowed the community run their own server when the official one got pulled. And it runs on via on . 👍

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