I love trademe listings with way too much personal information about why the person is selling the thing. A good trademe listing should be easily be converted into a blues song.

Musk, Lindell, cognitohazard, cannot unsee 


No Man's Sky is pretty good hey. A single player game hasn't bit me like that in a while.

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BeOS had all sorts of useful APIs. We need to go back

Alright, a whole lot of profile pics saved for whatever mood I may have.

Current one somewhat reflects my transition that I'm currently going through.
Kept the green from the previous profile pic so it's less of a shock when I change it 😆 :laserkiwi:

We bought the cat a really nice cushion to sit on as a reward for being cool about dog. She loves it. The dog just dragged into the middle of the lounge and started humping it in front of us.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is insufficiently documented

Day 5


Annoying niggling headache only. Fixed dishwasher tap fitting leak (required trip to Mitre10 for replacement fitting).

Added wiring to mates car for ethanol content, fuel pressure and temp, and oil pressure and temp, knock sensor wiring, and new series sensor wiring. Half wired into ECU, to finish on Wednesday evening and program up. He’s on the Dyno on Thursday.

alright off to Mitre10 for a fitting. Wondered why my pots were filling with water - turns out it was the ones under the dishwasher tap. The hose fitting adapter is cracked and dropping


Me trying to explain how preferential voting works

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Oh the perils of being unable to sit up because there is an old soft little cat sleeping on you

Has anyone tramped the Te Araroa Trail on here? Covid has put a damper on it for me over the last few years, very keen to do it in 2023 provided we don't have Ebola or whatever. So any trampers please feel free to hit me up.

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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Appraoching thunderstorm came out nicely in post-editing. First one is single shot, second image panorama of 8 images stitched together in #PTgui (cylindrical mercator).

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Updated to Win11 and now can not update my lockscreen image.
What organisation... maybe Microsoft!?!

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