Other than the amazing communities and open source aspect of Mastodon/Pixelfed/Peertube/etc.. I absolutely love scrolling with no ads or random paid content in-between posts

@debugninja You didn't hear this from me but I've met some people who write compilers for embedded systems and they found out Tesla has been using their trial version in production (against the licensing terms and just a dick move by a wealthy corporation) when they started asking for support.

Hey do yall remember when that engineer posted the internals of how the onboard systems work in a tesla because yall should really reread that before letting Elon put a chip into your fucking brain.


Taibbi's take on WSB, solid as usual:

> In other words, it was all well and good for investment banks and executives of phoney-baloney companies to gorge themselves on funhouse profits on a funhouse economy, but when amateurs decided to funnel just a bit of this clown show into their own pockets, finance pros wailed like the grave of Adam Smith had been danced upon.


GameStop announces that due to skyrocketing stock, they can now afford to pay up to 25c for your used games.

Bold stance:

If you're running a successful business that's built on top of open-source software and you're neither contributing code to these projects nor donating money to them, you're not only a freeloader, you're actually harmful to the entire movement.

You should take an interest in the sustainability of these projects as they ensure the likelihood of your own success and future.

We need to talk about Firefox Lite...

1) Firefox Lite uses Android Webview, i.e. Chromium.
2) it pings home to app-measurement.com, which is a Google domain.

So no, do not use this wolf in sheep's clothing.

I didn’t intend to use fedi for sharing random crap I find... 🤔 but that seems to be currently what it has morphed into

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Looking for some help Gmail delegation 

Been trying to delegate a bang Gmail account to one of our mods for forever.

Followed the delegation process detailed by Google itself and even Make Use Of.

But when they click on the link to accept the delegation and then wait to access...

Google seems to want the password for the the account I'm trying to delegate, which makes no sense.

I do not understand what's going wrong here and searching around for this issue isn't getting me anywhere.


hey if anyone has experience with usb peripheral development, please lmk? not sure where to start

boosts appreciated <3

@swansinflight @lionirdeadman @Seirdy my main idea with this post was to share some personal observations and downsides about the various FOSS messenging platforms. My conclusion is that they all kinda suck but they each have their own unique downsides and advantages compared to one another. In a way they are also all kind of awesome. And as much as I'd like to see ONE MESSENGER TO RULE THEM ALL, Its actually pretty great to have a variety of platforms that are usable.

@alex @swansinflight those cognitive biases are what makes us adept and competent. Without them, we'd never be able to make a decision or navigate the world. There is simply too much happening to know everything for sure.

Think humans are really adept and competent? This will shatter it. It's like we're all mentally ill from birth. We can't even trust our own thoughts.

Cognitive bias map. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o

This is called a "roof snake". Also called referred to as a shingle nail puller among other roof-related terms. Watching the DIY version being made seems just so satisfying. One day, I should try to make my own

the trouble with having zero information and having to work blind. Luckily the owner is understanding but there is a deadline looming...

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