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New instance on tribes.host, may get nuked if I screw something up but here’s hoping not!

My interests are #Linux and #foss #opensource, #photography usually of the #motorsport kind, and a variety of other things I do to procrastinate about doing yet more things.

I may even post random amusing crap from my day. Who knows.
If it’s from work then it will be about how apparently useless the previous technician was to work on a machine. I fix forklifts for a living, which includes everything from engine rebuilds to hydraulics, to electrical and diagnosing CANbus faults. Exciting stuff. That was sarcasm for those that didn’t catch that.

I may post none of that anyway. It will be a surprise I guess. 🤷‍♂️

Great site without a whole technical deep dive into the fediverse...seems more accessible to everyday peeps:). More of this!

well. just set up an instance on tribes.host - so painless! A little disappointed it's not Pleroma FE - and I don't want to make waves about that, as it's so freakn cheap that any form of support request would make me feel bad 😄 - also I use mobile mostly, so it doesn't matter so much... - but also Soapbox FE works really well.

oh, so new account here: @swansinflight

update (before hitting post lol): found the theme settings for Soapbox FE, much more my style now 😁

Prince, Guitar 

Everybody remembers Prince for amazing songwriting and performances.... but this is what I admired most about his work.

He was a shredder that could put anyone to shame.


Run GNU/Linux and XFree86 on a 80386 with merely 2 MB RAM

Having 32 GB RAM and the web browser is still super laggy

Do I just get my wife to use Matrix/ Element already? Nothing really seems as good, nor as reliable for notifications on mobile... 🤔

@swansinflight Heh, was just reading a book in which they featured, and the character in the book would preserve them into jam/jelly :)

“Digital technology is absolutely facilitating the spread of authoritarianism. At the height of the Internet freedom movement we were all incredibly naive, thinking technology would be inherently liberatory, and that has not turned out to be the case. We thought authoritarian governments would never be able to catch up with civil society actors, etc., when they had access to technology. Now what we observe instead is that technology is the primary means by which authoritarians are controlling citizens at home, repressing them, surveilling, and censoring. They are exporting these technologies abroad and breeding those capacities for repression.”

Eileen Donahoe, Executive Director of the Global Digital Policy Incubator at Stanford University, Cyber Policy Center

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as GNU/Linux, is in fact, Linux/GNU, or as I've recently taken to calling it, Linux. GNU is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning Linux system, made useful by the hardware resource management, drivers, and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Actually don’t look that bad, they look worse in the photo 🤣

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Looks like a super gross fruit, but OMG they are delicious!!!!

Especially stewed and served with custard.

I'm an #anarchist who votes.
I'm a #socialist who invests money into good causes.
I'm an #antifascist who wouldn't punch a #nazi.
I'm an anti-#racist without "many of my best friends being black".
I'm a #feminist who is against a #HeadscarfBan.
I'm a #FreeSpeech advocate who is pro deplatforming of hate speakers.
I'm a #SocialJustice activist who has #SocialAnxiety.
I'm a #vegan who doesn't do it for the animals.
I'm an #activist who spends a lot of my time being passive.
I'm someone who wouldn't board a plane, but dreams of flying.
I'm a #ClimateJustice activist who loves the heat.
I'm a #FreeSoftware enthusiast who can't code.

I'm a #pacifist with lots of conflicts.

I intend to use this account for more than posting memes. Honestly.

This is too amusing though.

Making to-do lists helps me remember to do little things that I usually forget otherwise, and it also helps me get more done, and feel more accomplished at the end of the day. Write more to-do lists!

#todolists #selfhelp #productivity

Does anyone of my hardware wrangling folk here have experience with the USB serial connection to an NXP Freeway LS1012a board? Connecting from Linux?

The TL;DR is, there are no kernel events that would announce a new USB device when plugging the thing in.

My best guess is that something in U-Boot is b0rked and wants to run the USB in host mode? But I have no evidence for that..

If it helps, the D2 LED is one which doesn't happen on another board where USB serial works.

Boosts appreciated!

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