Small Head Gash 

My poor darling girl used an 8kg lantern as a blanket/fort weight today to keep blanket in place . Blanket got pulled. Lantern hit a head. 4 hours in A and E and some wound glue later. Fish and chips for dinner 🥹

Watching The Force Awakens and can't wait for the next Indiana Jones

What is the news tab for on the mastodon app and how do I use it correctly??

Mead !!! It’s okay chilled after the twinado parenting today

I have spent a lot of today laughing with my sick four year old twins about poor Wile E. Coyotes continuous lack of skill at catching Road Runner. Meep meep

Wordle 342 2/6


okay, gym time, I've given up on civil3d for now. Time to sweat!!!

Climbed Mt Taranaki approx 4 weeks ago. Just pulled out my big toe nail 🤮

Hi I'm Luke I live in NZ, I've been part of the Mastodon community for a few years not very vocal.

I initially discovered it via, then tried self hosting an instance a few times testing out Mastodon, Pixelfed, Misskey, Pleroma. Now I'm here as it's easier to let @idanoo :-) do the hard yards.

I love , , , , . I have two great kids and a great

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