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"Despite the very large increase of the Mandarin-speaking population in New Zealand, it was only in 2018 that Mandarin overtook Cantonese as the most spoken Chinese language in the country."

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Wellbeing Worker- Aotearoa Latin American Community.

The focus for the role will be supporting whanau and individuals, as well as migrants from the Latin American community in the ALAC offices in Wellington.

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I'm speechless.

An e-girl trying to learn Python surrounded by mid tech bros overwhelming her with bad advice in the style of a Norman Rockwell painting

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My darling #NZTwits, a reminder that after the initial burst of energy as you explored Mastodon, you'll be drawn back to Twitter. You're addicted, I'm addicted, Twitter wants us to stay that way by making us endlessly upset.

Make a mindful effort to pop in here once a day at least to toot something, or boost something. You're actively building community now, and it matters for the future.

@Br3nda Hi not quite sure if you mean fun facts about writing in Chinese or the Chinese writing system.

I got one for the latter..

The same Chinese characters 汉字can have totally different meaning in Chinese and Japanese. For example, 手紙(shǒzhǐ)means toilet paper in Chinese, but 手紙 (tegami)means letter/mail in Japanese😀

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I thought I might do a wee reintroduction, since I’ve moved instances.

I’m Rochelle. I’m a cis pākehā woman & live in Ōtepoti with my husband & my cat Cooper. I have hEDS with pain, fatigue, etc. My husband has CFS.

I enjoy audiobooks, (lit fic, & translation), music (just listening) podcasts.

I love dance, & used to teach social ballroom, latin & street latin.

It’s a pleasure being here, no algorithms is so nice, as are you all. #nztwits

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An absolutely mighty list of free online audio lessons in Te Reo Māori if you're into that sort of thing, and why wouldn't you be. Kia kaha te reo Māori.

@juliasnz @jackyan love these differences too. They help us understand our history and culture better. Sounds a bit nerdy but I’m always fascinated by how Classical/Middle Chinese developed into all these dialects/languages under the influence of different historical, cultural and geographical factors.

@jackyan @juliasnz Even Mandarin should be considered as one GROUP of languages/dialects.
At home my parents and I speak Central Plains Mandarin 中原官话 which differs from Standard Mandarin 普通话 in many ways.

@jackyan It's a shame I don’t speak/write Cantonese. 不过可以读懂大部分!

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Kia ora Fediverse!

I moved from Mainland China to New Zealand in 2019 and now live in Auckland with my hubby and my cat.
I work in the social sector doing research, data analysis, evaluation etc.

I like cooking, gardening, Sci-Fi, Sociology, birdwatching, photographing & music(Classical, Accordion, JPOP and ANISON).

I’m also interested in , history of Asian people in NZ, Te Reo & Te Ao Māori.

FYI - I will toot in Simplified Chinese or English.

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