Kia ora Fediverse!

I moved from Mainland China to New Zealand in 2019 and now live in Auckland with my hubby and my cat.
I work in the social sector doing research, data analysis, evaluation etc.

I like cooking, gardening, Sci-Fi, Sociology, birdwatching, photographing & music(Classical, Accordion, JPOP and ANISON).

I’m also interested in , history of Asian people in NZ, Te Reo & Te Ao Māori.

FYI - I will toot in Simplified Chinese or English.

@sorano Welcome! Nice to find another Chinese NZer! @happyfishmedia will be happy to know, too!

@sorano 有時我都會用中文寫, 不過我剩係識廣東白話! 🙂

@jackyan It's a shame I don’t speak/write Cantonese. 不过可以读懂大部分!

@sorano @jackyan there's several on the fly translation apps! They're AMAZING 😍

@juliasnz @sorano Thank you, Julie. Generally I think those apps treat 'Chinese' as one generic language, so those of us who didnʼt learn the formal form are sort of screwed.

@jackyan @sorano that is not good! For way too long people have not understood "Chinese" is not ONE language 💔

@jackyan @juliasnz Even Mandarin should be considered as one GROUP of languages/dialects.
At home my parents and I speak Central Plains Mandarin 中原官话 which differs from Standard Mandarin 普通话 in many ways.

@sorano @juliasnz I love all those differences. My fatherʼs family spoke 台山話, reasonably intelligible to me, but like your two, with plenty of differences to HK Cantonese.

@juliasnz @jackyan love these differences too. They help us understand our history and culture better. Sounds a bit nerdy but I’m always fascinated by how Classical/Middle Chinese developed into all these dialects/languages under the influence of different historical, cultural and geographical factors.

@sorano @jackyan oh yes! I absolutely am fascinated at how languages evolve & disseminate... the origin of words was something that really intrigued me as a kid! 💝🙂👍

@sorano @juliasnz It fascinates me, too! Especially Korean, which must have many connections.

@sorano one of my goals is to counter the perception that "all Chinese/Asians are the same". The Chinese communities in are diverse culturally, historically, and linguistically.

@sorano hello
Do you have any fun Chinese writing facts to share?

@Br3nda Hi not quite sure if you mean fun facts about writing in Chinese or the Chinese writing system.

I got one for the latter..

The same Chinese characters 汉字can have totally different meaning in Chinese and Japanese. For example, 手紙(shǒzhǐ)means toilet paper in Chinese, but 手紙 (tegami)means letter/mail in Japanese😀

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