The sun has just gone down behind the hill on the shortest day of the year! Since it’s been sunny all day, I now know the minimum fine day production of my solar panels- just over 7 kWh (there’s still a little coming through). In midsummer I get over 20 on a good day 🌞🌞🌞

@simplicitarian Oh, that is great to know. I'd love to get solar installed one day; wondered about the potential generation.
I think, looking at that photo, if you looked through Mt Cargill, you'd just about be looking at us (o:

@debe 😆 I’m lucky to be in a very sunny spot here, with the roof facing just the right way for maximum generation 🌞

@simplicitarian Yeah, we have a lot of north facing roof, and east... I think we lose the sun too early in the evening to make use of anything facing west, most of the year, anyway. I think it'll be worth it, I've day. But our 100+yo house is drafty, so, as characterful as it may be, I think we'd be better off investing in a home that's economical to heat.

@debe Yes, it’s a shame people didn’t build properly insulated houses back in the day 😬

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