It’s early days in this new reality of #climatecollapse. For the most part the people I know still live in the old reality. Climate collapse isn’t something they care about. They’re beginning to see it as extremes become the new norm. More drought in some areas, more intense storms, wildfires, and changes in the local weather seem to remind them of the larger global patterns. They're not responding in any meaningful way. Life goes on in the normal way they are used to living.

Next time around I think I'm going to delve a bit into food choices in terms of climate, energy, nutrition, packaging, preparation...


@dennyhenke I’m not quite so far along this path as you yet, but I find living a simpler life very rewarding. I suspect outsiders may think it’s tough and miserable but I reckon it’s the opposite - the mental health benefits of taking action are great for anyone experiencing climate anxiety.

@simplicitarian Yes, well said and I very much agree with the mental health benefits of taking action. It is rewarding even if it is living with less. I find a kind of comfort and deeper determination even with small efforts. And those small tasks sort of weave into a larger whole.

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