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Guess I'd better do my again for the new instance!
A few things that interest me as well as what's in my profile:
(I'm a leftie and Green voter)


English is my first language. I know a little and I'm learning Scottish Gaelic. I sometimes post in for practice - corrections welcome! I learned French and German at school, but that was long ago so I've forgotten lots.

I had a wee nap on the sofa this afternoon but now it’s bedtime and I need to disturb someone to reclaim the pillows 😆🐾

Good evening 😍 Hope I’m not boring you all with the frequent pics of Otago Harbour, but it really is stunning 😆

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Hey this is an amazing charity that repairs and donates bikes to refugees and people in need. Please help them!

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New post on "Ideology Theory Practice" blog, discussing ways conservative ideology relates to environmental attitudes.

Conservatives are less likely to support environmental action. Is this more about economics (e.g. free market) or is it social/cultural? It's a bit of both!

It’s hard to convey in a photo, but the harbour is completely gorgeous today 😍

Consumer NZ has an interesting podcast- Consume This. Just been listening to their investigation into what happens to some ‘faulty’ (deliberately doctored so they are broken but very easily repaired) appliances. We really need to up our product stewardship game in this country 😬 Here’s a written summary of the project, but I recommend listening to the podcast if you enjoy detective stories!

Mōrena from , where rain is not far away but the light is beautiful just now 😍

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@simplicitarian @dznz @lightweight
Does anybody know how you might organize something like KaiShare[1], or ShareMeals with free software? I'm hoping there may already be examples of Moblizon and OpenStreetMap or something that would make it easy for people to cook extra, then take the extra to families that are overwhelmed with injury or poverty or whatever. One local guy is doing it and needs help. Another guy is thinking of setting something up through Google...

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Don't get me wrong, I am over the moon that Kate Bush is getting plays and super chuffed she actually retains her rights so she is getting paid a bit not just corporate fucksticks.


That so many people are only exploring the catalogue or specifically that song because of a tv show 36 years later, that is just imo BAD PARENTING.

#np #fediplay

Now I can type with both hands again (in moderation!), I've written a blog post about my project to read all the Hugo award-winning novels 📚

I’m no skier or mountaineer, but this is an important message for any of you who are. Sun protection is critical at high altitudes in winter due to high UV levels. Please take care! I say this as one of the 4000 or so NZers who will be diagnosed with this year 😬

Hey , the annual garden bird survey started today and runs until 3 July. Can you spare an hour for this great project? Wrap up warmly, grab a hot drink, and head into your garden or a local park and count birds. You can even do it by looking out the window if you’d rather! All the info including bird ID guide is on the website. 🕊️ 🦆 🦉 :laserkiwi:

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Pitt Island Shag

A small, slender gray shag, with a slender bill, yellow legs and feet, and small dark spots on its shoulder and wing feathers. Feeds, roosts, and breeds around rocky shorelines of the Chatham Islands. The Chatham Islands Shag and the Great Cormorant are the only two similar species with overlapping range, distinguished by the white upper wing patch on the Chatham Islands Shag and the much darker overall appearance and larger size of the Great Cormorant. The Pitt Island Shag is the only shag found on the Chatham islands to have yellow legs and feet.


Great typo spotted in a Stuff article - “shark-invested waters” 😆🦈

Mānawatia a Matariki! greetings! I love it that we now have an Indigenous public holiday 🌟 ✨

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I went to my dad’s cousin’s funeral today. It was big, 200+ people, but not many of us wore masks 😬 It’s the 3rd funeral I’ve been to this year, but at least everyone wore masks at the others. There’s still plenty of Covid in this community, and no wonder. Another elderly cousin chose not to come because he is immune suppressed, and I’m relieved he wasn’t there. 😢

Ate a sandwich while the cat was on my lap - at least she’ll discover something tasty during her next wash 😆

We had the biggest frost in ages this morning- it’s still icy in shaded places. But as payoff we have this glorious day 😍 It’s a balmy 9 degrees now 😆

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