🎶 Pork floss bun
Pork floss bun
One a penny, two a--


I wanted to try some fancy tea, and having no candy thermometer or a kettle that displays temperature, I'm trying to guess how long to wait from boiling the kettle to pouring it on the leaves.

Gonna guess 5-6 minutes? 🤔

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If anyone is in Waikato and is free tomorrow from 7:30pm, the uni orchestra and choir will be performing a Händel oratorio and excerpts from Bach's Magnificat. I con personally verify it's a very fun secular oratorio. Come along!

of Wellington might be interested in the branded cold brew/hot brew coffee drinks at Haere Mai

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Arise Church Bullying Assault Cover-up 

The board of the Arise Church is promising changes as its founding members resign amid ongoing abuse allegations.

The church board said pastors John and Gillian Cameron and John's brother Brent are standing down.

Confidential payouts were made following allegations Brent Cameron got naked in front of interns and gave them derogatory nicknames, and John Cameron was involved in repeated bullying and mistreatment of interns.

Size 10 (kids) McKinlays boots, black leather, good condition. Too stiff or heavy for Flip's feet (back when he was 3 or 4). $20, pickup in Wellington. Please RT

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I know that there are people salivating for the downfall of the US but remember that includes many, many marginalized groups and people who are trapped here. And we see and hear you when you celebrate the possibility of our deaths.

Kitchen ugly af, but the gluten-free pumpkin bread and pumpkin butter smell great 🎃

Bleah to everything this morning. I have been reminded of the existence of churros and now I want nothing else. , help me find churros in Wellington

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'Dozen' created 73% of disinformation during Parliament protest.

The Disinformation Project identifies the most influential disinformation producers, or as labelled in their report the 'Aotearoa Dozen' as:

Chantelle Baker
Leighton Baker
CounterSpin Media
Freedom and Rights Coalition
Voices for Freedom
Convoy 2022
Outdoors and Freedom Movement and Sue Grey
Damien De Ment
Sovereign hikoi of truth
Freedom Alliance
Brett Powers
Liz Gunn

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@seawall if ye, or folks ye know are interested in making electronical or iot projects, then sometimes (often?) discarded vape pens will have lithium cells that are rechargeable, and thus, re-purpose-able: Apparently even the disposable ones will have a cell in them, which makes the whole thing even more wasteful.

A gentle reminder, , to be a tidy Kiwi, no matter what your vices are.

I collected all of these disposable vapes that were scattered on the berm near the park my kid and I walk past to go to school, just this morning.

I don't ask much, but please, don't leave products with fruity-flavoured nicotine residue lying around where kids can get at them.

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Timely reminder that Elon Musk forced Tesla employees in China to sleep on the factory floor during the pandemic so the company wouldn’t have to temporarily shut down.

So when he says shit like this, what he really means is “I’m mad I can’t own slaves.”



This rosé was on sale, and the bottle looked like something from Star Trek, so I got it 🍷

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If I say "Hello" and you think Lionel Richie and not Adele, you probably have a sore back.

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Rewatching Hannah Gadsby's Douglas, it's a good time

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