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world is a fuck
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I am pension man

CW: NZpol 

The Emissions Reduction Plan looks really pathetic to me. I hope I'm missing something because this ain't anything

britain needs to be dismantled and the ruling class fed into a wood chipper, is a thing a lot of people are saying these days

🎶welcome to the hotel calamari
any time of year
lots of squid are here 🎶 🦑

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Instead of arguing about whether Christchurch or Tauranga is the more racist city think about ways you can challenge racism wherever you live

me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

CW: hrt 

As a cis woman who has just (after 4 years of bullshit) started hrt for perimenopause, I see a huge connection in the gatekeeping of hrt to perimenopausal uterus-havers, and the gatekeeping of hrt to trans people. Just give us the fucking hormones, people. And any other treatments necessary!

CW: food 

ended up making palak paneer. The roti paratha was frozen and good, the palak paneer was fine - it'll probably mellow into itself tomorrow

NZ garden centres stop listing japanese plants in your native section challenge

Halfway between johnsonville and khandalla used to sit the improbably named Burma Motor Lodge, with an improbably optimistic helipad. They had a Dine and Dance on Fridays. Sometime in 1981 I was taken there and, against parental advice, ordered a Fisherman's Basket. It was a basket made entirely of potato chips, with a handle made of potato chips, filled with deep fried seafood. Reader, I have never recovered from this joy.

Inside you are two wolves. One of them recognizes that you are exhausted and wants to buy spinach and spices tomorrow so you can make palak paneer. The other wants pizza and cheesecake delivered. Ultimately they'll both be happy either way because they are pretty easy to please with food.

Saki wants to know why I caused it to be raining
(yes that is The Chair I pile my clothes on)

There was a teeny tiny eq (like a 2.9) near bromley at 3am, and for some reason it made my whole house flex in Sydenham and woke me up

Remember the woman who appeared on Counterspin Media during the Wellington protests talking about how women need to submit themselves to men? Just learned she is running for local council


TW transphobia

Wellington! Caro McKee and Murray Chong are in the upcoming council and mayoral elections. Please don't vote for hatespeech to be running our city.

Please RT.


You're meant to tell they're generated by because the images have 5 coloured squares in the bottom right corner.

Until someone crops it out.
This one is "a photo of a drunk tiger stealing oranges from a marrakech market"

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Does it have humour? Or is it me adding it?

"A medieval painting of the WiFi not working."

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Have just repurposed our pill splitter as a "Skittle splitter", which sounds like some kind of slur from the 1940s, lmao

I will say this is the best waltz for accordion, erhu, and double bass I've heard, but on the other hand I've also heard it with a musical saw

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