Laughing to myself as I remember inviting my new NZ mates round for potluck and British comedy and unleashed the Brass Eye Paedogeddon episode on them.

Remembered this meme and giggled about it for like five minutes

Busy day for me, hosting a big teacher meeting after work.

I thought the green would set the whitestone chimney and carpet off really well, and our wood tv unit will really match the colouring as well. Delighted it seems to be a goer.

Ok so this is gonna be in our kitchen lounge. On one wall. Leshgooooo.

Looking at how comfy wolverines civvy clothes are in X-Men. Man knew how to keep warm.

God damn it's miserable outside but I made the 7:15 gym session and God damn does that hurt

Boy am I relaxed right now. We just watched Dune again, an absolute fucking treat of a movie.

Struck by how many of Tim Chalomet's line readings in sound like Nic Cage.

Doing post work training that goes from 3:45 to 6:15 today, then doing another hour after tomorrow's teaching is draining my will to live.

Project: Project is underway. The rooms still got a fair whack of daylight on at 5pm but this is pretty clear. Yes I am testing with Piper.

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