Lots of people doing excellent, important work on sifting through the local elections candidates so people can be properly informed about who stands for what.

Please vote, and make use of that info when making your choices. Don't let anyone tell you local body elections aren't important or your vote doesn't count. Neither of those are true.

This pair was the first off the rank in the set. Mainly because I was least interested in them, so didn't mind not doing a great job, but also because I wanted to practice painting skin tones. And they both had lots!

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I will back-fill with some of the photos I've already posted of the likes of Chad and Momma, so apologies in advance if you've already seen some of these, but I'm gonna try to do start to end for them all.

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This is going to be the mega thread to hold my various crafting stuff. If it's not your bag, please feel free to mute the entire thread (or me, of course).

I'm gonna have multiple threads branching off from this parent, it'll get gnarly, so hashtags will abound.

@jackyan Yup. Several IRD letters recently.

DNS through domain registry, organisation in the UK.

Hosted by GMail.

@heyrochelle Happy to give you my $0.02 worth if it'll help?

Feel free to flick me a DM on the birdsite if it's easier


@davidgarywood Sure you're over people telling you the same thing over and over too.

But remember to rest up as much as possible, as the best chance to reduce symptoms/recover.

@ryancrawcour Mentally, I transcribe it as "the language [of the/that is] Māori". Most knowledgable sources I've seen have it as te reo Maori - although obviously in Title Case stuff, it gets fluttered around.

I would love to see any clear guidance in case I'm wrong tho. Especially when just using it as "te reo" - I don't know if that's then a proper noun (in English, or Māori).


@davidgarywood Hope you recover soon enough to get a good rest on your holiday

Finally got some paint down on some bases, and started Madam's costume colouring.

It's... VERY green. Like, VERY green. Which is fine for the floor (I have plans), but the outfit is gonna need some hefty work to make it... Not awful?

@sitharus hmm. I like the ability to organise the notes, and refresh on papers/knowledge needed for the next meeting .

Back to back just has me feeling very unprepared for each one. That gets worse as the day drags on

@sitharus This was my yesterday. Except they were back-to-back.

You know what, when I learned about the names of some common emojis I got very confused & surprised!

😂 - this emoji is often used by me and many others to show a laughing face, but apparently its called "face with tears of joy" !

😋 - I have sometimes used this emoji to show a silly face, but its actually called "face savoring food".

I wonder if this confuses people using screen readers, or do they understand these differences ?

Full emoji list with names and all -

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@thor Oh, yeah. But I'm not really a front-end design guru (which is where you mainly notice the "this website sucks" parts) - more of the back-end integration & business processes side.

@thor Thanks. Absolutely. Difficulty is I wouldn't even know where to start flicking CVs/emails towards.

Hence the somewhat arbitrary fishnet thrown to the wilds of the fediverse 😂

Okay - weird question - is anyone looking for a plugin developer as a WfH position?

Full plugin development available, not just "can you make a pretty page", but more "can you develop an integrated shipping system tied to our warehouse & financials" etc.

Is there a better service than for hosting a personal calendar service that allows both private and personal appointments to be retrieved?

Anyone local going to be near Kawiicon this weekend? I'll be in the city for the event but would rather do hallway-con in well-ventilated uncrowded spaces. If that's you, too, get in touch as I've got a little Discord server for this sort of thing, full of known-good folks. #NZTwits

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