I love how even tho we have a chunk of crossover posters, the tag has made almost no impact here - even tho it's trending at #1 position all day over on the birdsite 😂

Newbie question...

Over on the birdsite I can change my profile so that only followers can see what I post & it's retroactive - ie hides all my previously public posts.

Does the same thing apply here in the fediverse? Or is it only for all posts going forward?

Nau mai, haere mai ko @glibnotion

Welcome to the Fediverse 😊 There's a large group of that you'll find in and around that hashtag, a lot you'll recognise the names & avatars from the birdsite 😊

Hey - welcome, it's great to see you here & relaxing into it. It really is 😊

But a gentle reminder that this isn't the birdsite, and (as per the below toot), the convention over here is to put photos of food/selfies (and obviously any content that might upset someone) behind a Content Warning (CW) so people can choose to not see it in their timeline, if it's not their thing:

Kiaora 😊

I boosted this toot earlier, but realised I may not have been clear why:

- lets leave the negativity behind as much as possible eh? Bright new uplit grasslands etc. Let's bring the good with us and discard the bad. None of us liked the pile-ons, or the snide remarks, or the toxicity that has been staple there for a while.

We can be better. We are better. Lets not interact with the dark & let it drift back to Twitter again.

Is there a reason I get "There is nothing in this hashtag yet" when I click on , , , - even though I can see toots with those hashtags in my Home feed?

Am I missing something screamingly obvious?

(, , and that also appear in some of the same toots _do_ work however)...

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