This pair was the first off the rank in the set. Mainly because I was least interested in them, so didn't mind not doing a great job, but also because I wanted to practice painting skin tones. And they both had lots!

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Finally got some paint down on some bases, and started Madam's costume colouring.

It's... VERY green. Like, VERY green. Which is fine for the floor (I have plans), but the outfit is gonna need some hefty work to make it... Not awful?

CW: Some (plastic) nudity / sensuality 

Not featured, "Angry Boi" or "Crouchie". But see if you can work out which ones of these are the other named ones 😂

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Wordle 326 2/6*


Just did a quick walk to the shops. Looked nice when I left the house, so thought nothing of it. Halfway there, I realised "just a t-shirt" was the WRONG clothing choice.

I'm back now, & pondering if there's any glass that needs cutting, as I currently seem to have the equipment. 🥶

My throat is sore again. Cough returning. Tiredness creeping in again.

Is this a kick in the tail of the last illness? Is this a new dose? Is this the start of my first experience with the spicy cough?

Who knows? But who has two thumbs and is over thinking things?

Cat photo 

Halp, I am being held hostage by this particular ...

Whatever I have, it doesn't seem to be the spicy cough. Small mercies etc

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One of those "viral" 'Get to know me questionnaire' things 

Just in case anyone is interested, and you don't already know.

Pick a number, or ask anything else that takes your fancy*

*Gonna reserve the right to not answer some stuff 😉

Wondering how much attention I should be paying to this - as I try to have a new positive start on a new platform....

Cat photos 

So, it seems photos are more prolific here. So have a couple of one that occasionally claims me, when the wife wants nothing to do with him...

Named Lando Catrissian, in part for his moustache, in part for the fact we got him on May 4th...

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