This is going to be the mega thread to hold my various crafting stuff. If it's not your bag, please feel free to mute the entire thread (or me, of course).

I'm gonna have multiple threads branching off from this parent, it'll get gnarly, so hashtags will abound.

I will back-fill with some of the photos I've already posted of the likes of Chad and Momma, so apologies in advance if you've already seen some of these, but I'm gonna try to do start to end for them all.


This pair was the first off the rank in the set. Mainly because I was least interested in them, so didn't mind not doing a great job, but also because I wanted to practice painting skin tones. And they both had lots!

Okay, so they came as a pair in box , but I'm actually going to display separately, so I'm splitting the thread here, and this one is going to follow and her painting.

Primed in matt black, and a basic skin tone added.

I'd made the decision early on, that it was going to be a "red vs blue" for this pair, and 's belt clearly lent itself to a red & gold theme.

I put on a lighter skin tone too start building depth, and instead created a zombie 😔

Bit of progress with here, added a more sun bronzed skin tone, to remove the ghoulish appearance last time.

Painted the blades silver, and most of the armour gold, and a clear red over the inset parts of the belt/armour.

has her torso now attached to her legs. Her strapping is painted, as is the larger leg guard. Also attached is her left shin guard, "modesty" fabric loincloth, and (right) pauldron.

And this is done.

Hat added (including cheek guards & hair), right shin guard in place, & attached to a base.

I still haven't got around to setting up a photo studio yet, so this will have to do until I have, unfortunately.

This thread is going to follow - nominally 's opponent but I'm building them apart.

He was together in previous shot, but not glued, so he's split again for easier access for painting. Base fleshtone & highlights

A few shades of green added to give a more reptilian look to the skin. Plus some mottling colour dots. If I was to do this again, I think I'd go with many more shades and go much more pointillist. Shin guards & straps done

A similar paint scheme (green core, yellowish highlights on underside, decorated with multi colour dots) was applied to the upper torso.
Blue and silver are 's colours in my universe.

The shield was meant to look like wood.

I really must get around to taking some decent photos, but until then, here's complete and on his stand.
Not overly pleased with the shield, and the verdigris effect I tried for on the helm on the floor didn't work well...

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