In today's lesson of what should have been obvious to begin with, & is BLINDINGLY so in retrospect;

Do not wash your dark navy blue uniform at the same time as the woollen walking socks that are worn with them, unless you want to spend the next 6 months defluffing said uniform.

@explorergrace yeah. Three pairs of light grey woollen socks, to be abundantly clear.

I don't mind them discolouring, as there's no instructions to their colour in the uniform guide, so figured I'd throw them in at the same time.

I thought about the uniform (still not _quite_ colour fast) staining them. Stupidly did not consider the fluff factor in the opposite direction 🙄

@phil_tanner Try wrapping a bottle with some wide tape (eg packing tape) sticky side out, then roll that over the uniform. Works with cat hair at least....

@phil_tanner Slightly related, do not wear thick wool socks in the foam pit of a trampoline park, for similar reasons. I lost a favourite pair of socks this way 😅

@phil_tanner oh no! Good luck with all the defluffing ahead of you 😬

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