Kia ora koutou.

I have a very complicated family history, and I'm trying to put together my mihi - but I've got a couple of really niche questions that I don't even know where to begin Googling.

Do I have any mutuals who might be willing to help me negotiate the appropriate course of action with appropriate cultural implications via DM?

For clarity, I have most done already. I'm not looking for a full writeup. And for a koha, obviously.

Ngā mihi nui

@mementomaori kia ora!

That's a great thread with some useful pointers. And no, no Māori whakapapa at all here. Recent (12y) immigrant.

Some of the difficulties come from the fact I have no connections (family or otherwise) to where I was born - I was only there for 6 wks before leaving. I think I'll use the tahataka a tupu there anyway, and I'll skip maunga / hapu entirely.


I also have no ties to my genetic father - I do not share his family name even. So quoting my lineage, without the whakapapa, does geneology matter, or can I claim my step father without difficulty?

@mementomaori Yeah - that's kinda what I assumed. But, as I know that one of the purposes of a pepeha is to ascertain your relationships to one another, I didn't know if the mihi of tauiwi carried that same weight, or if it was a different cultural impact, outside of the whakapapa.

Basically - I'm just trying to understand the underlying cultural implications before deciding just to do it my own pākehā way 😬

@phil_tanner Ngl it's controversial, 'tangata tiriti pepeha' is a good start re searching on twits. Idk about weight, I had an English lecturer who went into great detail re his Yorkshire whakapapa and it was really interesting, do it in your way so it feels authentic to you. When non-Maaori start claiming mountains and rivers and the like thats when issues arise.

@mementomaori Thank you for your time & insight. As well as the links.

@phil_tanner Kia Ora, I'm no expert or a fluent speaker, just my thoughts.

@mementomaori I wouldn't presume even an expert would speak for all Māori. The individual insights & thoughts help me colour my own approach. So all (relevant) input is invaluable to me. Kia ora.

Ngā mihi maioha

@phil_tanner Also please don't ever use “Ko (Endeavour/Air NZ etc) te waka” 🙏🏽 😅

@mementomaori Oh! Now I'm disappointed! *removes Ko AZ456 te waka from mihi.**

** Absolutely doesn't - there's no way I'd be trying to apropriate that level of culture 😂

@phil_tanner Haha you hear it a bit, better to leave that part out. 😅

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