I slept a LOT today. I have a scratchy throat. I have a blocked nose. The slightest of coughs (more likely just that irritated scratchy throat). I have a raging headache, and it feels like I've somehow pulled my diaphragm/ got a weird stitch just under my ribcage.

Negative RAT this afternoon.

I've not been anywhere since Monday. So I don't even know where I'd pick up a head cold from.

Here's hoping that it's a 24 hour thing. 🤞


Whatever I have, it doesn't seem to be the spicy cough. Small mercies etc

@phil_tanner Also feeling like poo over here, also negative. Here's hoping it stays that way for both of us.

@explorergrace @phil_tanner A couple of weeks ago I tested negative three times but was sure I had Covid. I read somewhere to try swabbing the back of the throat rather than the nose. Got a positive straight away. Same for my wife and daughter.
Worth trying if you have the symptoms..

@Eltele @phil_tanner Yeah, I've got my throat swabbing technique down. Nothing so far. 🤞

Read an article somewhere about people complaining about how gross throat testing was & it turned out they were doing their nostrils first & then the throat with the same swab! 😳 🥴

(You can do both, but you do the throat first and THEN the nostrils).

@phil_tanner I've been testing negative for the coronacooties every day but yeah I'm really not sure I trust em.

@phil_tanner thanks it's not too bad. Scratchy throat, headachy but mostly mild. Comes in waves, sometimes feel fine, sometimes a bit bluegh. My close colleague at the office is sick with it. I'm quad-jabbed but autoimmune diseased so not sure how it'll be if I do get it.

@phil_tanner do you feel up to getting a PCR? The RATs are only 47% effective. Hope you feel better soon anyhow.

@YGathGoch yeah. There's no testing near me at the weekends, it's ridiculous. I'll see how I am tomorrow morning. If no better I'll see if I can book a PCR

@phil_tanner Those symptoms are awfully familiar. Sorry. Rest, take good care.

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