Is there a better service than for hosting a personal calendar service that allows both private and personal appointments to be retrieved?

Anyone local going to be near Kawiicon this weekend? I'll be in the city for the event but would rather do hallway-con in well-ventilated uncrowded spaces. If that's you, too, get in touch as I've got a little Discord server for this sort of thing, full of known-good folks. #NZTwits

CW: Some (plastic) nudity / sensuality 

Not featured, "Angry Boi" or "Crouchie". But see if you can work out which ones of these are the other named ones 😂

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TFW you're going thru the multitude of figurines you've built this weekend, base coating & priming, and trying to work out what colours you want them in, but your memory's shit, so you need to make a list of it, but your memory is shit so you know you won't remember their names...

So now you have a list of names like "Angry boi", "Boobie girl", "Chad", "Crouchie", "Barbarella" etc & their clothing choices 😬

Also a gentle reminder that if you can, it's better to use the content warning function (that's the CW button on your composition box) than to just type "CW" at the start of a post.

Doing this actually hides the text until it's expanded, and makes it easier for people to skip this content. 👍

In today's lesson of what should have been obvious to begin with, & is BLINDINGLY so in retrospect;

Do not wash your dark navy blue uniform at the same time as the woollen walking socks that are worn with them, unless you want to spend the next 6 months defluffing said uniform.

I love how even tho we have a chunk of crossover posters, the tag has made almost no impact here - even tho it's trending at #1 position all day over on the birdsite 😂

Someone forgot to charge the cat. Had to be put into the sun now.

Fedi-wide survey, boosts appreciated!

You are:

Kia ora koutou.

I have a very complicated family history, and I'm trying to put together my mihi - but I've got a couple of really niche questions that I don't even know where to begin Googling.

Do I have any mutuals who might be willing to help me negotiate the appropriate course of action with appropriate cultural implications via DM?

For clarity, I have most done already. I'm not looking for a full writeup. And for a koha, obviously.

Ngā mihi nui

Does the Fediverse had the same issue with random spammers/scammers/bots sending unsolicited DMs ?

I've not received any - is that pure luck? Is it being a small account? Being on a local instance?

Ms20 is on a friend's 21st in Gold Coast, f flying back today. Checked her flight, all good, take off on time, but it's a small turboprop (Dash 800 technically). Sent a message saying how surprised I was as I saw her plane over the Tasman in Flight Radar 24.

Surprised to get a message immediately back... Apparently she missed her flight 😬

Oh! I see we have a new favicon. @explorergrace is gonna be happy 😂

Newbie question...

Over on the birdsite I can change my profile so that only followers can see what I post & it's retroactive - ie hides all my previously public posts.

Does the same thing apply here in the fediverse? Or is it only for all posts going forward?

I've been absent from here for a bit. Too much life going on.

But I'm gonna try to be back.

What did I miss?


Wordle 327 3/6*


Surprising number of words were ruled out after row 2. It looks lucky, but I spent a long time thinking & discarding.

Actually this is pretty cool, when Japanese kids learn the Roman alphabet, they learn it with rigid rules for stroke order.

LB: If you’re used to Twitter, reporting users probably feels like a futile last resort but on fedi, moderation is done by human beings. You don’t need an iron-clad case - reporting rudeness, bad behaviour, or a sketchy vibe can alert mods to potential trouble even if they don’t take immediate action. And remember to check the “forward anonymously to the remote instance” button too

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