This Ai is blowing my mind.

It creates images and art (?) so incredible that it makes me wonder where the boundary with human would be.

Have a look at the bleeding edge of language generated imaging.

This is what it generates with the prompt.
"An astronaut riding a horse in a photorealistic style"

creates images very fast too. From natural language prompts and apparently updates on the fly.

This video is astounding.

Some of it's images are just jaw dropping. And the capacity for interpreting language.

This is "Leonardo enters the metaverse.

Can't see a lot more from my instance in the fediverse, but in the bird app is pumping.
This one is "Darth vader in Van Gogh's starry night"

Does it have humour? Or is it me adding it?

"A medieval painting of the WiFi not working."


I'm speechless.

An e-girl trying to learn Python surrounded by mid tech bros overwhelming her with bad advice in the style of a Norman Rockwell painting

Mention of Bird app and its billionaire buyer. 

These could get a lot of usage soon.

"Illustration of El*n M*sk checking t**tter and screaming in the style of cubism"

You're meant to tell they're generated by because the images have 5 coloured squares in the bottom right corner.

Until someone crops it out.
This one is "a photo of a drunk tiger stealing oranges from a marrakech market"

@pezmico credit to Norman Rockwell, not DALL-E. It's good to credit artists, even dead famous ones :)

(Sorry for splaining the joke of that was it!)

@xurizaemon oh so this one isn't dalle! Thanks for the explanation

@pezmico with reality, parody, irony converging it's harder and harder to be sure. I *think* this is the real thing?

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