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DnD Character prep 

So my changeling Bard of Eloquence, Castor, is a scammer.
I've been preparing a few simple scams for game night, keen to hear any suggestions.
1. He's kind of a busker, street hustler, so of course he'll be doing the three cups, find the red ball thing. With a bit of Prestidigitation, there's easily no red ball to be found.
2. He's also got a tarot deck which he uses to tell his marks that the spirits are communicating with them, this is expensive unfortunately. 😉

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It's !

I'm always keen to find new music so, if you want to, please reply with one of your favourite kiwi artists/songs.

I'll start with Sola Rosa, who has a special place in my heart because it was one of the first NZ musicians I heard before I migrated and somehow it sounds like I imagined life here would feel.

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Hello toot friends, I bring memes.
I'm hoping to radicalise you all against the boring monoculture lawn and turn you into biodiversity defenders.

The Adventures of Ye Olde Royal Wandering Corpse.
Day 3.

DnD Character prep 

They lost track of each other 12 years earlier.
Castor dreams he finds his missing brother, he often whispers to himself "I'll always find you".

But honestly, he's starting to doubt that he ever will.

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DnD Character prep 

Once they'd identified someone they thought was the other twin they'd approach, stand in front and stare as they whispered "I'll always find you".
If correct the game was over.
If mistaken, they'd have to improvise and ride the awkwardness with the unsuspecting person. This would be very funny to watch for the other, still hidden, twin.

It also led to confusing conversations among their neighbours and friends.

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DnD Character prep 

We've been working on the back story for Castor, my changeling Eloquence bard conman.
We've decided he's got an identical (shape-shifting) twin, Pollux. And they were separated at 11. There was a war.

As children they played Hide and seek with each other. But they wouldn't hide in places, they'd hide in people; they'd become a copy of a neighbour or friend and act casually while looking for their also disguised twin.

Found this video on TikTok and wanted to share with all of my friends.
This dude knows where it's at. 🌿🌸🌻🌱

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@pezmico a terrifying and depressing view of the future that may be impending as censorship culture enters our libraries. Libraries are good, no, great. They must be preserved.

@pezmico If the library were to be invented today it'd be illegal, period, full stop. On "intellectual" "property" grounds.

A is a great example of an institution where humans collaborate with each other for motives beyond profit. It is a place where it is easy for everyone to understand how our relationships with strangers can be more than mere commercial transactions.

A library is, in a way, an space dedicated to knowledge.
It has rules and we observe them out of respect, not fear.
It has experts whose authority is not arbitrary, but knowledge based.

A library is a sanctuary from capitalism.

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Imagine don't exist, but there's this person who thought of them and is trying to convince everyone else about them.

-Borrow books for free? People are going to steal them!
-You can just come in to use a computer? Well that's just going to be abused by freeloaders.
-Staff? Who is going to pay them? Why should my taxes be wasted subsidising access to books for people who haven't saved and bought their own?

How many amazing things do we dismiss? What is our society missing out on?

Possum photo,sort of making eye contact 

When you commute by you get to enjoy the little critters along the way.

Need some joy. Show me your un groomed, wild and flowery ex lawns, gardens and bushes.

(Strictly referring to actual plants here, no unrequested NSFW)

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This template can be
used to call the colour of
Shanghai Metro lines

You're meant to tell they're generated by because the images have 5 coloured squares in the bottom right corner.

Until someone crops it out.
This one is "a photo of a drunk tiger stealing oranges from a marrakech market"

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Mention of Bird app and its billionaire buyer. 

These could get a lot of usage soon.

"Illustration of El*n M*sk checking t**tter and screaming in the style of cubism"

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I'm speechless.

An e-girl trying to learn Python surrounded by mid tech bros overwhelming her with bad advice in the style of a Norman Rockwell painting

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Does it have humour? Or is it me adding it?

"A medieval painting of the WiFi not working."

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Can't see a lot more from my instance in the fediverse, but in the bird app is pumping.
This one is "Darth vader in Van Gogh's starry night"

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Some of it's images are just jaw dropping. And the capacity for interpreting language.

This is "Leonardo enters the metaverse.

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