Not posting my Wordle score today as I needed assistance to complete it (I know, I know). An awkward word, and I did not enjoy battling to work it out, because that is what it felt like. Quordle though was much better.
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It is beginning to stretch the bounds of credulity that Luxon didn't know about Uffidindell's background. Luxon's staff knew, but didn't tell, according to this latest story in Stuff. Really? The whole 'no surprises' policy is so ingrained in public servants that it is really, really surprising Luxon's staff didn't tell him. [I get that his staff aren't technically public servants in the traditional sense, but that is a distinction without a difference.]



I should add that redemption and change are always available – for all of us. While not many of us these days are Christian, the concept of forgiveness is embedded in our consciousness. But you have to do the mahi first, you have to earn that redemption. Expressing regret is a first step, but it is never enough on its own. You need to fully comprehend your actions and their impact on others. Not seeing that yet from Uffindell.

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I spent a good part of my career in HR. One thing I observed was that inappropriate behaviour in a person was rarely a one-off event. It was usually part of a pattern of behaviour towards others. And so we see this pattern emerging with Uffindell. I don't think he treats other people very well and while he is not alone amongst National MPs in being like that, he isn't fit for Parliament.


One of the many astounding aspects of the Uffindell revelations is that Luxon, didn't know about the assault, despite local party officials and the now former party President, Goodfellow, knowing about it. Why did Luxon not ask for complete details about a new MP, someone who, in all likelihood, would be an MP for many years? Because he is lazy and shallow, and imagined that any such details would be unimportant. Luxon doesn't have the capacity to lead his own party, let alone the country.

Just saying', I never beat up anyone at school.

Just finished reading this. Easy to see why many describe this as a masterpiece, even though the dyspotian aspect didn't appeal to me that much. But it is a magnificent, profound read on the ideas of love, loyalty, loneliness and what it means to be human. And Ishiguro writes like a Nobel Prize winner should: a master craftsman on top of his game, full of intelligence and subtlety.

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Tory ideology beautifully dismantled for being the utter failure that it is in 1 min and 14 seconds…

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Not quite a cover, but easily my favorite version of this.

Included because nobody in The Band knew what he was going to play until he started. You can hear them all pick it up as they figure out what's going on. Joni on backup vocals @paulhellyer

One of those wonderful live moments where you can see it all come together, and they know they've got something magic.

Neil Young & The Band - Helpless (The Last Waltz)

And then there is a Joni Mitchell. As a lifelong fan, well, ever since Blue came out in when I was in the 6th form, I was thrilled to learn she sung at the Newport Folk Festival a few days ago. At age 78. And then I saw the clip of her singing 'Both Sides Now' there. What an absolute legend! Wonderful beyond words. Brought tears to me eyes.

( YouTube link via Piped, a privacy focused front-end to YouTube content so removes all the social media gunk.)

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Black Caps star Ajaz Patel says the New Zealand cricketing community has been highly respectful of his Muslim faith and he looks forward to the day when Aotearoa’s stadiums have multi-faith prayer rooms.

Just watched a fascinating 10 minute documentary on how combs are handmade from animal horns. It is surprisingly interesting! The documentary maker, Eugenio Monesma, has an entire channel on YouTube of similar documentaries capturing traditional manufacturing techniques.

YouTube link to documentary below.

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I’ve just found out Newstalk ZB & the NZ Herald are running pieces that basically attack me. The harm they will cause is immense. They undermine peoples trust in my advice on how to protect our lives & livelihoods from COVID & further embolden those who harass & threaten me 1/n

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Racism, Sexism, NZPol 

Threats against Māori women not taken seriously, says Wellington city councillor.

Tamatha Paul points to the racism endured by Labour Party minister Nanaia Mahuta and Māori Party co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.

“The institutions just tell them to go to the police, as if that has ever been a safe or reliable pathway for us,” she says. “I don’t feel like threats against Māori women are ever taken seriously until it’s too late.”



Inevitable I guess and the right thing to do for consumers. Will be interesting if the cuts remain after January next year. Suspect that petrol tax will go, public public transport subsidy won't. Interesting times.



Wordle 392 2/6



Wordle 391 4/6

A solid, unspectacular, effort today.

New Yorker Cartoon - via Bibliogram 

Cartoon from New Yorker on Instagram via Bibliogram. "Find someone dependable, they said"



Wordle 390 X/6

For hero to zero in a day!

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