We're not going to need a RAT for monkeypox. We'll need a ROUS.

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@Brannavan We're not going to need a RAT for monkeypox. We'll need a ROUS.

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republicans: we openly want a tyranny of the white minority and will enact violence to cement it, we've been consolidating power for decades

democrats: we believe that anyone who runs a small business in a disadvantaged neighborhood for 5 years deserves a tax cut on baby formula

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On that note, some genius has clipped up the whole shootout from last night. Watch it, drink it in


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This is fascinating and a sharp reminder to get my backside in gear.
Doorknockers showing a QR code that takes the donor to a website to enter their personal information.
Don't do this.
That is precisely behaviour a scammer would encourage. twitter.com/ukfundraising/stat

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The final dance in Dirty Dancing, but they’re dancing to The Muppet Show theme tune.

Harvesting the herb garden. Or, as I prefer to call it, killing thyme.

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Let's face it. The Queen probably watches Downton Abbey to get an idea of how poor people live. And their servants.

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Robert Wadlow, tallest human in recorded history (back, middle) with his parents and siblings

Unfortunately, I actually am like this in real life

A time-travel fantasy crossover where Robb Stark steals a hi-tech helicopter:

A fluorescent green coyote would be known as a brazenote.

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Here's the Black Rod's entrance to ACDCs Thunderstruck, but every thunder is replaced with that woman shouting Black Rod.

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NFTs get fake stolen on purpose so journalists will print headlines implying they have value.

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How different actors run in character 😂

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They didn't hate him, when set decorators went on strike in 1945 Lorre shut down production of his film "The Verdict" and thus didn't cross the picket lines. His career was damaged & by 46 Warner Bros had effectively shut him out of the industry. This is cartoonist revenge on WB twitter.com/AceHainley/status/

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