My boy got an MSI Prestige 14 EVO laptop yesterday after his hand-me-down (9yr old) Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (running Linux Mint 20.2) flaked out. He was allowed to leave Windows 11 on it as a dual boot with Mint 20.2 (if nothing else, it gives him hands on experience with how crappy MSFT is in a side-by-side comparison)... but then he found that Minecraft (Java) was almost unplayable on Mint - 10 FPS - using the default 5.4 kernel... Ugh. He then tried it in Windows - 400ish FPS. Ugh x 2. 1/2

Subsequently I installed tuxinvader's Linux Kernel PPA ( we got his lappie running the 5.12 kernel with lots of new support for the brand new Intel Iris xe graphics chipset... and now it is comparable (and slightly better than) the Windows performance. Nice. 2/2


@lightweight This is why I recommend Manjaro to my friends. Ubuntu is just too slow.

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