You shouldn't be afraid of the truth because in truth you will have firm footing. The truth is impervious to correction, so if you're offended or want to censor something, its a signal that YOU have a delusion. It is your chance to live more righteously and with less fear.

Do not listen to anyone that recommends censorship: they are leading you astray. They don't understand how strong the truth is.

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For all you #FOSS-loving architects, architectural draftspeople, and structural engineers out there, this is very cool:

How unconscious were we before the invention of the printing press?, or the copying of stories?

Lift is a drinkable dishwashing detergent

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I want a cheap modern mobile phone that's so dumb it only stores contacts and handles calls. Compatible with 5G and every cellular telephony standard still used in the wild. Ideally it would also be compatible with every other open voice calling system; SIP, XMPP/ Jingle, matrix, whatever Jami uses etc.

If every north islander's eyes shined, I would be hiding in the shadows of the North Island right now

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@aral @im ALL societies must have a structure, and the structure IS hierarchy. We can "try" the unnatural experiment of non-hierarchy, until hierarchy naturally arises from within. Trying to rid ourselves of this is like striving for ultimate purity or sterilization. It doesn't last and it doesn't work.

The best thing we can do is strive for as fair, altruistic hierarchy as we can, hence capitalism, and encouragement of using it with virtue. So yes, the facts show hierarchy will always exist.

The question of whether machines can think is about as relevant as the question of whether submarines can swim.

— Edgar W. Dijkstra

That's upsetting. Bunch of nerds on here probably trying to show off their programming chops and they don't get pretty colors

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