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Having just listened to Gaurav Sharma’s rant on @NZMorningReport@twitter.com can I just say I understand completely how traumatised his staff were.

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forgive me for the hot take: I have zero sympathy for anyone secretly recording people they work with

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Sharma is like that meme about the guy on various mass media platforms comstantly saying "I HAVE BEEN SILENCED" 🙃

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@ScootFoundation@twitter.com That’s no because the Uffindell allegations were substantiated by five witnesses, put to him, and the story checked by lawyers before publishing as opposed to Guarav’s allegations which were tossed into the news cycle completely unchecked … in an opinion piece

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@PauliLyingTruth@twitter.com In Australia, they don't wait for Sri Lankan refugees fleeing the conflict to commit crimes. They jail them for requesting amnesty and keep them locked up.

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Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen NZ media reporting outrage on Fletcher Building announcing record profits ($432 mill) but not returning $68 mill of taxpayers $ they don’t need (as they did with cost of living payments going to some NZrs that didn’t need it)

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Great report by @ASMSNZ@twitter.com on the case for universal dental care in NZ: issuu.com/associationofsalarie. NZ has the highest unmet dental need compared with 11 similarly situated countries. 40% of adults can’t afford dental care. Time to bring dental into the public health system.

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I hope Nat are never elected again so this is guaranteed to stay as is one of the best initiatives from the current govt for educational outcomes (to use Luxon’s word). Thank you @nzlabour@twitter.com twitter.com/stevehale_tok/stat

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Every time we use the Māori word, we keep it alive, we acknowledge indigenous culture over colonial oppression. We extend ourselves. We refine pronunciation. We become more cultured. People saying, “It’ll never happen”, look at Taranaki. Either get on the waka or get left behind.

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FIVE Productivity FEYNMAN- strategies:

• Stop trying to know-it-all.
• Don't worry about what others are thinking.
• Don't think about what you want to be, but what you want to do.
• Have a sense of humor and talk honestly.
• Teach others what you know.

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@NZStuffPolitics@twitter.com The weird thing about this take is that if there's any danger of a leader behaving autocratically, its more likely to be the pentecostal Luxon than Ardern. Men who think God is talking to them are the real danger to democracy.

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this is fantastic

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Painters and other visual artists whose work is resold will get 5 percent in royalties under a new scheme set up as part of the European Union and United Kingdom trade agreements.


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It's remarkable that people look at the current wave in Australia, Japan, South Korea and elsewhere and use this to suggest that places like the UK and Sweden got it right. Whatever "wall of immunity" they have (if that's even a thing), it came at an enormous price.

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Researchers completed the first large longitudinal study on trans children this year. They found only 97.5% of trans kids continued to identify as trans. Those that desisted did so for various reasons including the violence faced as trans people. publications.aap.org/pediatric

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While Anthony Albanese was getting roasted for not knowing the unemployment rate, two Australian political journalists knew about Morrison's secret ministerial appointments but kept it from the public.

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... if we want to control future inflation, the solution isn't increasing unemployment and holding down wages, essentially trying to starve the economy. It's getting the economy off oil and on to domestic renewable energy that isn't subject to international shocks. /end

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So just so we are clear:
Fletchers making record profit while building costs soar
Banks making record profits while interest rates rise
Supermarkets are making record profit while the cost of food increases......

This is all accurate, yes?
Maybe corporate greed is the problem...

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Key was willing to rule out New Zealand First while Winston led it. Luxon won't even rule out Brian Tamaki. twitter.com/NewshubNZ/status/1

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