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If only all the dumpster fires we encounter in life were this cute! 😍

My goal for the year is to get Instrument Rated and tick that box on my pilots license. Then I guess go for CFI/C-Cat.. Problem is a 12 week ground course is near impossible with a kid + full time work 🤔

Can I come across just enough money to buy a house that backs on to an airfield? Oh and a nice lil twin aircraft to hour build in? Thanks!

Taken another day off work. I feel like I've got the homebrand version of the spicy cough. Probably just some generic cold and my immune system is a bit out of practice 😆

I love the term 'spicy cough'. It's light hearted compared to the official name and doesn't remind you as much of a global pandemic.. 🙃

I've been sitting here thinking "wow fedi is quiet today".... but I was scrolled down so wasn't seeing any new posts 😆

You know you've gone too deep into performance optimizations when you're tinkering with TCP parameters and custom MySQL parameter groups... send help

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can you turn off boosted toot notifications? it's too much

there's a setting to not get emailed lol

Bought a textbook from Apple books for study. Damn the ibooks format is a pain, It's like a non-standard epub. I just want to export as PDF so I can use proper PDF annotation tools for study.. It's not available anywhere else (At least not the latest edition) 😞

I decided to cheap out and list some stuff on FB Marketplace to avoid the TradeMe fees... I've decided I'd rather pay the fees and not deal with muppets.

If anyone wants to buy a mint Pixel 4a 5G, I'm selling my old one 😆

Android 13 Beta 2 released today! Updating now. So far, Beta 1 has been the smoothest Android beta I have ever used

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@explorergrace @idanoo the only algorithm here is the one distributing good vibes 🤠

I've never really enjoyed the Apple eco-system, but the iPad mini 6 paired with the Pencil 2 is pretty awesome for study and flying.

ForeFlight is probably one of the most widely used apps in aviation and only works on iOS, so jumped in and bought one. It's so smooth!

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What's the difference between USA and USB?

One wants to connect to all your devices and the other is a wiring protocol.

Wow that temperature drop has come quick this year. It always takes my by surprise. It's hoodie season 💙

Omg. I just printed out a 60+ page doc to study.. AND IT PRINTED LANDSCAPE?!

Thanks printer. I 100% wanted an eye test as well as study material.. 😠

I need to jump back into my instrument rating, last flight got cancelled a few months ago due to weather and have just been too busy with work 😬

I've done a brief write up of my experience over the last 2 weeks with the influx of sign ups and expansion of 😃 (I'm by no means a writer/blogger! Just documenting bits and pieces)

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