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When your landlord puts off installing a heatpump so you buy a monster heater to keep the place warm.. Average power usage has increased from 11kWh/day to 30kWh/day :/

I wish remote working was more widely accepted. I completely understand some people can't separate work efficiently and can get distracted. But for others it's a dream.

I love it.

I can maintain a healthy routine as well as a noticeable increase in productivity and save so much time and money excluding traffic and parking/fuel costs

Decided. I'll keep it, domain is cheap enough and it's much faster for me than

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I reeeeeeally need to use my camera more. It's just sitting in a bag ready to go.. not useful sitting in a drawer though

I can't decide whether to keep the domain and maintain my own matrix server or not. I like maintaining my own data and not adding extra load to but it's almost more effort than it's worth

Can Spring come back yet? It's a little bit cold and not even at the peak of winter yet

We don't usually get many 4C mornings and I'm realising my heating bill is about to go through the roof

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Sooo I bought an iPad mini. Doing my ✈️ Instrument rating and it's easier to use them for Airport charts. Except I didn't want to spend an extra NZ$220~ for the Cellular model just to get GPS. Bought a Garmin GLO2 (Bluetooth GPS) for much cheaper. Let's see how it goes!

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I've hit the age where I realise how important sleep is. I need more of it.

Spent some time in G1000 sim today doing

It's been awhile, but damn it all comes back to you

Upgraded to V3.4.1

I only broke it for 5 minutes.. Whoops

Have been trialing recently, kind of like kiwiirc+znc in one. Clean UI, pretty simple to use, no crazy configuration

A month ago I signed up for birdsite again - by the end of the day I'd removed my account again. Same old stuff with a new UI. Do not recommend hah

Time to cut back on the random projects, gadgets and toys. Need to focus more on things that I really care about

I seem to say this every other month. I need to use Mastodon more.

Life has just been too busy. Can I have a break now?

I need to get out with my camera more!

Finally have a day to myself and struggling to keep busy. I keep going to open this bubble scrolling simulator called FB, but then remembering nothing good can really come from it and close it

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BookWyrm is a new open federated alternative to Goodreads, and part of the Fediverse:

➡️ @bookwyrm

You can post about books you're reading, and interact with others on BookWyrm, Mastodon etc.

The platform is still a work in progress:

The flagship instance is at:

Development git is here:

#BookWyrm #BookWorm #Fediverse #Books #Comics #Authors #ActivityPub #Book #Reading #Readers #Goodreads #Literature #OpenSource

Just last night I was saying to a friend "I'll probably drive this car until it croaks", expecting another 3-5 years... Well this morning it's running on 3 cylinders and not loving life 🙃

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