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I've hit the age where I realise how important sleep is. I need more of it.

Spent some time in G1000 sim today doing

It's been awhile, but damn it all comes back to you

Upgraded to V3.4.1

I only broke it for 5 minutes.. Whoops

Have been trialing recently, kind of like kiwiirc+znc in one. Clean UI, pretty simple to use, no crazy configuration

A month ago I signed up for birdsite again - by the end of the day I'd removed my account again. Same old stuff with a new UI. Do not recommend hah

Time to cut back on the random projects, gadgets and toys. Need to focus more on things that I really care about

I seem to say this every other month. I need to use Mastodon more.

Life has just been too busy. Can I have a break now?

I need to get out with my camera more!

Finally have a day to myself and struggling to keep busy. I keep going to open this bubble scrolling simulator called FB, but then remembering nothing good can really come from it and close it

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BookWyrm is a new open federated alternative to Goodreads, and part of the Fediverse:

➡️ @bookwyrm

You can post about books you're reading, and interact with others on BookWyrm, Mastodon etc.

The platform is still a work in progress:

The flagship instance is at:

Development git is here:

#BookWyrm #BookWorm #Fediverse #Books #Comics #Authors #ActivityPub #Book #Reading #Readers #Goodreads #Literature #OpenSource

Just last night I was saying to a friend "I'll probably drive this car until it croaks", expecting another 3-5 years... Well this morning it's running on 3 cylinders and not loving life 🙃

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"Why Lichess will always be free"

This is our unbreakable promise to you, our users:

- Lichess will never have ads
- Lichess will never sell our user’s data
- Lichess will always be 100% free of charge


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Second attempt at going outside. Success! He loved the sun and playing around in the grass


Just finished configuring a fresh xmpp server. Are there any fun friendly funny group chats out there?

cc @fatboy

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@nick @idanoo I just like that I don’t have to worry about anyone exploiting my record player or it getting malware 😂

Day 4 of using on my Pixel 4a 5G. Very very happy - just got the April security patches too

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Opting out of Google's WLAN geolocation mapping and network quality rating where they test your network and add it to a big database requires you to change your SSID to have a _nomap suffix.

Having to login to view articles on is the most annoying thing ever

Other than the amazing communities and open source aspect of Mastodon/Pixelfed/Peertube/etc.. I absolutely love scrolling with no ads or random paid content in-between posts

Just switched my Plex server off 🙌 While I was at it, cloned Jellyfin container and upgraded a second instance to the latest RC and sideloaded the debug APK so I can test side by side :D

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