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Android 11 Beta 1 is pretty solid compared to previous betas!

The only issue I've noticed is the swipe navigation is pretty buggy and I have to go home to open the app again.

Has anyone upgraded to Android 11 Beta yet?

I like flashy new things, but not sure on the stability whether half of my apps are going to stop working :/

Having trouble finding a decently priced HF antenna tuner. Wouldn't mind one with an inbuilt SWR meter.. but all the ones I see are NZ$200+ and I can't justify that much at the moment

I absolutely love i3wm and it has it's place, but it's time to explore.

Installed Cinnamon last night, it's *really* nice with a decent theme

Need to pick up my camera and go exploring again 📸

Just a few friends left on messenger to convince to move to a better platform then I can finally remove my fb account. Almost there!

I took over maintaining riot-desktop-git on the AUR because it was out of date and the official package was several versions behind. It's now up to date on riot-desktop V1.6.2 :)

Update: Jellyfin has come along way! Usable/Free apps, IPTV as well!

Plex does it's job pretty well.. but looks like Jellyfin has made enough progress to switch. Time to test it out again!

Finally getting around to organising my photos. Digikam 7 is pretty awesome

So many linux package upgrades at the moment. All of the maintainers and their free time to update stuff 😅

Pet peeve: Boomerang videos.

Maybe I'm just getting old and don't get it.. But it seems completely pointless and slightly irritates me :/

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It's been way too long since I've picked up the camera and spent time messing around. With 4 weeks in lockdown, I'm going to start posting a picture a day to try improve my photography

Day 1 - Attempting flash w/ long exposures

30" f/4.0 19mm ISO200

#LockdownChallenge #800D

Going to try take a photo a day while working from home to keep things interesting, starting tomorrow!

Going to setup the old radio this week, hopefully it still works!

NZ to go into full isolation except necessary services within 48 hours. O.o - A kiwi Mastodon server