@anotherkiwiguy The hardest part was iptables... I feel like it's borderline regex complexity

Just finished moving pixelfed.nz and mastodon.nz onto a new server. There was a fair bit of data to move around πŸ˜…

@strypey Yeah this is true, I'm in the process of moving my .nz fedi sites onto other hosting at the moment so will take a look after all this is done

@official_videocave Yeah I might give that a go next time. I don't have enough content to contribute myself yet @michael

@michael I'm glad to see I'm not the only one! I considered keeping mine locked down but the content just wasn't there for me. Going to focus more on my other hosted platforms :)

@draeath I'm active enough on here to manage the few accounts that slip through, but it still happens unfortunately

@strypey Possibly, personally I struggled to find any content I found interesting enough to keep on me on there. I was following a heap of instances I thought would be interesting but no luck. I'll keep mastodon/pixelfed and whatever else I run up as that's used by real people hah

I've just decommissioned peertube.nz

There was way too much spam/admin involved for what I got out of it. It's definitely got potential as a platform. However, even with email verification I still had >100 spam accounts created to maybe 2-3 real ones.

@urusan I think anything that is harmless to the prankee that doesn't cause people to laugh *at* them but with them. Obviously it completely depends on the person and the situation. If it's a mutual thing where you both understand the limits, I think it's okay

That does sound like the best approach, I'm running on a 500GB NVMe and pushing it at a constant 80% usage

lmao 500Gb is barely enough for a couple of mainstream games these days

@swansinflight I would if I had time and focus to enjoy it properly! I just re-discovered lutris and enjoying the compatibility of windows games haha

@GNUxeava lmao what, I understand a root checker.. but Developer Options?!

@jgoerzen I have mind bound to the function key on my smaller-than-average keyboard and have not looked back

@nick @LovesTha @lightweight

Definitely! They have a lot of CLI tools for the free one. I've added a few of my own scripts to add 'catchall' addresses and things like that, so good :)

@nick @LovesTha @lightweight

Recently setup 'FileBrowser' as well as an alternative to NextCloud. Simple and efficient

I just had some issues with nextcloud bloating out thumbnail folders/database when dealing with 200GB+ of photos haha

@nick @LovesTha @lightweight
Oh I've been waiting for this kind of thread for awhile...

I'm currently using iRedMail + SOGo for Mail+Contacts+Calendars and have done for several years with no issues.

DavX / K9Mail for Android sync.

XBrowserSync for my bookmark syncing and SyncThing for files

iRedMail is basically a pre-configured setup for Postfix, Dovecot, Amavis and a few other email tooling programs 10/10 would recommend

@finlaydag33k Front, I like to see the lights flicker πŸ˜…

@aaron Heh inherited that one. Still slowly dipping my toes in CW!

Attempting to revive a dead Fossil smartwatch. The charging rings underneath fell off so glued them on but died shortly after

Hooked it up to 'life support' and can see it pulling current so now we wait!

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