@unfa have a look in the BIOS and see if the GPU is enabled, I'm running optimus-manager myself and that tells me what the current active mode is too

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@nick @idanoo I just like that I don’t have to worry about anyone exploiting my record player or it getting malware 😂

@nick @fincham I'm a huge fan of older amps/speakers. I've got a bunch of stuff laying around I should set up again! There's something nice about that slightly unique warm tube amp sound instead of crystal clear lossless audio.

Day 4 of using calyxos.org on my Pixel 4a 5G. Very very happy - just got the April security patches too

@fincham 👋

Nice to see another NZ instance alive!

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Opting out of Google's WLAN geolocation mapping and network quality rating where they test your network and add it to a big database requires you to change your SSID to have a _nomap suffix.


@michael I'm not sure.. I assume select ones. But I clicked sign in with google because I have nothing tied to that account, now I've used my free article - can't view anything else.. Oh and they won't stop emailing me arghhh /rant

Having to login to view articles on medium.com is the most annoying thing ever

Open source,
Devs listen to feedback,
Pretty quick to release fixes/features
Not shipping off heaps of data about what media I have/watch to Plex.
Free - don't have to pay to unlock more features like Plexamp (whatever the music one was)

@Hawk1291 I completely agree.. I see people that have them, and photos just show so much wasted space ahaha. I'd take 2 x 16:9 any day!

@mike I just had a look.. the search is _really_ broken, even the side filtering?! Spark plugs returned 10,000 results for brand PROTEX, apparently 6,286 are under the brake category.. oh, and, none of the results are spark plugs!

@mike Ah you must be looking for "spark%plugs" or "spark%20plugs" 😆

@tapani I'd be interested to see a comparison between YT Vanced v. NewPipe. Both seem pretty good

@kyhwana Awesome! I've been meaning to get on more. Need to raise my Antenna a bit but managed to make contact with Canary Islands last week over 20M/FT8. Super satisfying.

@kyhwana Every. Damn. Time. I don't even use AT, but seem to get more from them than anyone else 🤔

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