@wonderingdane @kev I second this, I recently got a work laptop that's got some really decent specs and with a 3x27" home setup it works really well.

@wolf480pl @qrsbrwn @sir

Yeah.. good luck self hosting if you get one little config wrong. SPF, PTR, DMARC.. insta-spam on hotmail/gmail

Oh look DNS strikes again 😂

@ataraxia937 I keep buying blues accidentally.. Maybe I need a keyboard with browns.. Yay time to go shopping!

@deshipu @piggo haha yes you're right! I was being lazy with my words

@piggo I usually cook mine first


But on a serious note, I usually make a dip/sauce with sesame oil, soy sauce, chilli and garlic. Probably overkill but soy is fiiiiiiine!

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@strypey I have never considered this an issue. It definitely is though.

You could always spend hours configuring notification settings.. but that's a pain and you can't just toggle it. I end up missing important things said in group chats / tagged in channels. :/

I'm back on , managed a full install in under an hour and it worked first time!

Uhh so apparently I have a scheduled power outage from 2100-0400 today so mastodon.nz will go dark for awhile :/

Aaaaaaaaaah, trying to cut down some of my clients and this is more relevant than ever these days..


@unicornfarts uhh I think subscription?. Friend linked a really cheap deal so figured I'd give it a go

@pineapple Hahaha I'm still figuring out that side of it. Currently just using it for media content at the moment. That sounds hilarious. Found a post (is that what they're called?!) about our local parking wardens.. Pretty colorful language heh

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@idanoo Back in the day, the group for pizza delivery drivers was the funniest thing on the Internet.

@unicornfarts Yeah I've recently switched my content sources and its pretty good, speeds are pretty decent too. Still figuring it out properly, but I'm liking it

How is it possible that I'm only discovering usenet now?!

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