@devurandom I wonder what their opinion is on 5G and COVID ๐Ÿค”

Woooo! Added another 8gb to the house server. No more ram alerts ๐Ÿ˜Ž

@purple I had almost a year once.. Then I ran reboot in an SSH session instead of locally :/

@avery I'm going to give this a go! Been looking for something and already have the whole Nextcloud ecosystem setup :D

@djsumdog Completely overkill for just todo lists, but I use the tasks app inside Nextcloud. Sync nicely to Android with DavX

@swansinflight Your wife sounds bad ass ๐Ÿ‘

Screw people who judge without knowing.

After hours of tinkering with Invidious I finally have it working!

Enjoying it so far ๐Ÿ™ƒ

I still can't figure out how to get my Logitech X56 working in Steam Proton games. It just doesn't get detected. Have been messing with udev rules :/

@drq It's got a long way to go.

Last time I messed around with JACK / Low latency setups.. It completely broke Pulse and nothing worked :(

fb, 5g 

Logged into fb to check messages.. First post was a local mobile provider celebrating a new rural tower being erected to provide people with decent speeds..

Yep. First comment was someone saying that she personally didn't give anyone permission to have a 5G tower put up around them and it is going to give everyone cancer/etc/etc.

Aaaand logged back out for another long period of time. I really need to get my friends to use something other than messenger to contact me :/

Android 11 Beta 1 is pretty solid compared to previous betas!

The only issue I've noticed is the swipe navigation is pretty buggy and I have to go home to open the app again.

@Ptang Ah that's good to know, I don't use it often but I guess it's something they can't risk being buggy

@feld Same here.. but this one is surprisingly good so far.. maybe

@Ptang Wow.. this is the most stable beta release I've used in a long time.

@Ptang Alright one positive response is all I need! Thanks!

Has anyone upgraded to Android 11 Beta yet?

I like flashy new things, but not sure on the stability whether half of my apps are going to stop working :/

I'm slowly working on converting people ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Still trying to figure out the best way to natively grow this instance. I've found so many new friends and people I like to follow on here though!

A lot of people don't like the idea that an admin can pack up shop and they can lose everything they've done on that instane. I'm trying to help change their mindset and understand that you shouldn't rely on this stuff regardless of it being mastodon, FB, IG, etc.

I stil have a FB account. Purely for messaging a select few I don't want to lose contact with and haven't switched to anything else.

Having trouble finding a decently priced HF antenna tuner. Wouldn't mind one with an inbuilt SWR meter.. but all the ones I see are NZ$200+ and I can't justify that much at the moment

I absolutely love i3wm and it has it's place, but it's time to explore.

Installed Cinnamon last night, it's *really* nice with a decent theme

@normandc That is awesome!!

I'm not sure my parents are there yet. I setup a nextcloud account and enabled autosync of their home directories, should cover 99% of stuff they don't want to lose :)

I really like the android app auto-upload stuff too. Super handy

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