@ChrisWere Still better than printers on windows. At least from my experience haha

@fatboy I think one of the reasons these proprietary apps generally do well other than have a good idea, is that it's a single central service. FOSS stuff generally splits into self-hosted communities that never hit that critical mass. Also can never confirm the code actually running on a central server.

But I do 100% agree and wish more would kick off

@drq ah congratulations! I might take a stab again..

@drq I'm in the same boat.. Got lost in config and wiped it. Ended up installing LibreNMS but that's not exactly the same thing. It's more snmp and network monitoring

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I know not every single person on Masto is having an amazing time, but I find that most interactions are very enjoyable and uplifting. Other times, the interactions were illuminating, making me aware of other viewpoints and opinions, which is always a good thing.
Overall, Masto is a cool place to be.

Keep on being cool, kids.

@dadegroot @mike Plug it directly into the internet and start a timer.. 😂

@nyquildotorg My biggest issue was easy window snapping, I quite often have a monitor split in 2. Apparently there are ways to do it on an ultrawide but I'm not willing to buy one to find out

@swansinflight Also I feel like it's a "I paid a shit load a year ago, so I still expect to get most of it back"

@swansinflight Oh yeah, I see it with cameras a lot.. "Only 80,000 shutter actuations! As new, Been sitting for 3 years" _continues to list for 80% RRP

@swansinflight Having an OS ignore block rules on a firewall kind of defeats the purpose right? Like isn't that a security hole in itself :/

@voxel I think I have that same pack and i wonder what the actual output of that solar panel is haha

@Hawk1291 @trysdyn I second this. QoL is much better and free than being tied into an ecosystem too

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A new submission for the bugs.php.net honor roll:

"""Dear PHP, you have a bug because Excel will execute arbitrary commands from a spreadsheet after the users has ignored all warnings that it might be dangerous.

Hahahahahahaha. No.

@lopeztel @neildarlow Has it ever worked?

If not, Probably just nginx not pointing to php-fpm correctly. If I was near my PC I'd send some examples. Good luck :x

Definitely check /var/log/nginx/error.log

@swansinflight not sure how you ended up in 1999, but on a serious note.. Did they give up on the naming convention in season 3?!

@swansinflight I've always been looking for something that does the basics nicely. I'll have a tinker tomorrow!

Random DNS lookups seem to be failing under pihole -> unbound -> recursive root lookups. Looks like I'm going to have a fun time debugging tomorrow

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