Omg. I just printed out a 60+ page doc to study.. AND IT PRINTED LANDSCAPE?!

Thanks printer. I 100% wanted an eye test as well as study material.. 😠

Just passed another cert. Feels like I'm playing Pokemon trying to catch
'em all :laserkiwi:

Migrating (Matrix server) to new hardware now.. go go go!

Since I can't find the cable or card reader for my camera, here's a low res screenshot of a that was hanging around today 😂 I'll get around to uploading a proper picture sometime this week..

Attempting to revive a dead Fossil smartwatch. The charging rings underneath fell off so glued them on but died shortly after

Hooked it up to 'life support' and can see it pulling current so now we wait!

Just pushed my below-average dipole a little bit higher... Probably the best SNR I have ever seen on 20M.

When your landlord puts off installing a heatpump so you buy a monster heater to keep the place warm.. Average power usage has increased from 11kWh/day to 30kWh/day :/

Aaaaaaaaaah, trying to cut down some of my clients and this is more relevant than ever these days..

Been playing with HomeAssistant. Pretty cool seeing a trend of speedtest data (:

Going to setup the old radio this week, hopefully it still works!

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