How is it 2022 and people still have horrible microphone issues on online calls/meetings

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@idanoo I solve this problem by never joining meetings/talking to anybody.
Surprisingly effective.

@idanoo seems to me that rather than teaching people how microphones and speakers work, software tries to protect people from their own ignorance with iffy noise cancelling algorithms, and most people still try to participate in vid conferences without headphones or a decent mike. That's why we can't have nice things.

@idanoo training on this stuff should be core to every primary school curriculum... but sadly, the teachers who teach teachers don't seem to get this stuff either... so it's pretty grim all around.

@lightweight @idanoo not to mention the fact that people think they can get away with buying the cheapest headset they can find, possibly even thinking they made a bargain

@lightweight @idanoo it doesn't help that if you try to look for better stuff at your average shop, it'll be gaming themed stuff, and much of it is no better than the cheap stuff. they just put crap in angular cases and slap "gaming" in an aggressive font on it, and heyyy

@lightweight @idanoo companies that make shitty "gaming" hardware must be swimming in money. it's probably just as easy to sell to unknowing consumers as quality hardware.

@lightweight @idanoo independent computer shops with actual knowledgeable people are rarity these days. people buy from the big chains, and they're all thinking $$$ for the most part.

@thor @lightweight

Completely agree with everything said. Half of the time it's people with Apple wired earphones and either have the mic dangling under their shirt or hold it up against their mouth and it just distorts. I spend way too long making sure levels are right these days 😂

@idanoo Incompatibility between hardware and software, I'd guess. I've got a decent but cheap webcam with inbuilt mic that almost never lets me down on my Windows 10 desktop - but it's completely incompatible with my Windows 10 laptop which can only run its weak inbuilt cam-with-no-mic, so I need additional headphones...

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