Doing a lil road trip on Wed from Auckland to Rotorua to surprise my kid for his birthday with a home made cake. (He's visiting family during school holidays). Have just finished checking the car over - full tank, oil, water, tyres, etc, etc. I should do this more often.

The real question is will my car make the round trip 😂

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It should be fine 🤞 Going to try the new SH1 Hamilton Bypass and see how it fares to the old SH27/Matamata route. Hopefully a bit smoother

@idanoo did you take the new bypass in the end? What’s your verdict?

@Inquizitif1 Yep both ways. 110% recommend. People cruise at a 'comfortable safe speed' 😂

@idanoo nice! Dad went through a couple weeks back before it was fully open both ways and even then said it was great 😊

@Inquizitif1 There's just one part at the end where it cuts down to one lane.. that part was about 5 minutes of standstill traffic. I'm guessing that'll be sorted soon enough though!

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