New life motto - Stressed, depressed and doing my best :laserkiwi:

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@idanoo Can the source of your problems be identified? What needs to change?

@michael Yeah - A fair amount of stuff just hit at once. I'm definitely working through it all slowly :)

@idanoo Family and I moved internationally ~12 months ago. It's been a huge boon for general happiness all-round, but has also shown that even drastic change is not as daunting or unachievable as you might think.

@idanoo Point being that you are, by all available evidence, a pretty smart guy. Whatever the situation is that has got you down, you likely have the skills to rectify it or escape it.

@idanoo I have no doubt that in your case, even if you don’t always feel like it is true, ‘doing your best’ is still doing far more than the average person on any given day!Nothing wrong with focusing on you and what you need for a bit 😊

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