I'm so ready for the long weekend, it couldn't have come at a better time really :laserkiwi:

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I just checked the time over there
It's almost 8:30pm
It's 4:26am here...

@System32 Ah still a full Thursday to go then! We have a public holiday tomorrow 🙃

@idanoo long weekends always come at the best time...weekend

@idanoo Very good timing indeed. Everyone I know is exhausted. Office was a ghost town today, then by the afternoon it was breathe out and it echoes. People need some rest.

@explorergrace @idanoo So many things (including me) just seem stuck in an exhausting cycle at the moment. I’ve been trying to snap myself back into some semblance of normal for weeks but dumpster fires are running amok and it’s relentless!

@Inquizitif1 @idanoo :birdheart:

I know exactly how this feels. I've been running at 200 miles an hour for who knows how long now and feel like I am running on fumes at the moment.

I have six and a half weeks off work as of today and the relief is REAL.

@explorergrace @idanoo amazing! Sounds like a well deserved break and a good chance to rest and reset!

@explorergrace @idanoo I have 4 days off so I’m looking forward to some restful but semi productive days getting some life admin done. Hopefully the weather might be ok to get outside in nature for a bit too if I’m lucky. I might try and dust my camera off and see what I can find to photograph 🤔

@Inquizitif1 @idanoo That sounds great! I hope the weather comes to the party.

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