My bedroom heater died 3 weeks after the 2 year warranty ended. I really dislike trying to return things like that.. but Mitre10 mention their return policy is basically just the CGA. So should be okay 🤔

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@explorergrace They swapped it for an upgrade. Just had to pay the difference. They almost didn't 😬

@explorergrace Yep! I'm happy. Now I don't have to get up for work and freeze tomorrow haha

@idanoo Yeah, the mornings are not the warmest. Why do I keep booking myself the 8.30am flying slot? 🤣

Looking forward to running away to the American summer in a few weeks. 😎

@explorergrace Hey at least pressure altitude should be good with the cold! Better performance right 😂

@idanoo 🤣

The winter light is gorgeous though.

Got stuck holding off the South Coast yesterday afternoon due to traffic, and it was just gorgeous up there. Did not want to come down. 😍

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