My goal for the year is to get Instrument Rated and tick that box on my pilots license. Then I guess go for CFI/C-Cat.. Problem is a 12 week ground course is near impossible with a kid + full time work 🤔

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@idanoo Excellent goal! :laserkiwi:

Is there any other way to do the CFI/C-Cat?

@idanoo I imagine so. Good luck however you decide to do it, I'm sure you will fly (lol) through. :laserkiwi:

@idanoo BTW, I have spent many a year as a distance student, having to self-direct my studies, so if you do decide to go that route when you get to it, I'm happy to chat about what not to do 🤣 any time. 👍

@explorergrace Same here usually! I'm generally more productive in my own space compared to a classroom with distractions 😅

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