I decided to cheap out and list some stuff on FB Marketplace to avoid the TradeMe fees... I've decided I'd rather pay the fees and not deal with muppets.

If anyone wants to buy a mint Pixel 4a 5G, I'm selling my old one 😆

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@idanoo Ohhh I'd be soo tempted depending on the price, what OS?

@cuddlyanarchist Android 12 stock, will get 13 later this year when it's released. I'm pretty flexible on price if you are serious, anything beats it just sitting in a box 😆

@idanoo I was just thinking of switching to GrapheneOS, and I knew it'd workon a pixel, but I hadn't checked prices yet. Honestly as a student I don't think I can offer you anything close to the value, so I'll let you sell it. Good luck!

@cuddlyanarchist No worries! Yeah they're really solid phones and I'm surprised how easily they are to flash. I used calyxOS for a few months and it was awesome

@idanoo Calyx interests me, but idk something about it seems a little off compared to Graphene or/e/. I think it's the crypto relationship, which always is alarm bells for me. That being said they look pretty cool still!

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