I need to jump back into my instrument rating, last flight got cancelled a few months ago due to weather and have just been too busy with work 😬

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@idanoo don't let it lapse, eh 😬💝👍

@juliasnz I've already resat the theory 3 times because it's lapsed before I got around to it... Having a kid really derails things 😅 I should check the date on my exams.

@idanoo dude... that's going to get expensive 🤣😬🥴

The maintenance hours are heaps less than the... having to do it all over again >>hours!! 💝

@juliasnz Oh dear.. 10th Jan 2019 was the last exam I passed... A few months out now 😂

@idanoo dang! Yup the pandemic... 🙄 plans... what >>plans<< 🤦‍♀️ literally flying by the seat of our pants now

@juliasnz I was hoping that was US date format and I had until October.. Guess I'm switching from practical study back to theory study! Lol whoops

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