Nearly 6 hours later.. I've finished migrating everything! A few more tweaks with things like backups then sleep 😴

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@idanoo thank you for the work you put in to provide a space for us

@idanoo massive. What a way to spend a Friday night though I reckon 😁

@idanoo And you're _sure_ you can't containerise it? 😅

@michael In theory I could.. but I don't want be running a second instance of postgresql+redis 😅 Also docker's filesystem inside LXC containers is extremely bloated and performs poorly. I could probably work around it but I'd rather use my current postgresql server!

@idanoo Ahh I think I'm beginning to see. ProxMox on the bare metal is necessitating the use of LXC?

@michael Yep! I could just run docker in a VM, but also a fair bit of overhead and trying to keep it slim and fast

@idanoo i’ve admined a social site for nearly 20 years, huge responsibility but also really rewarding. thanks for doing what you do!

@idanoo I hope you got some well earned rest after all that!

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