@idanoo Woohooo... Let's hope the work was worth it and this place keeps on being a good place to visit.

@idanoo phew! Starting to break out in a cold sweat over here 😉

@idanoo so, from a techie interest perspective, what have we shifted to, and why? (If you have the time/spoons/interest to reply of course).

@phil_tanner I was going to write a bit of a blog post if I have some time later (Still have to migrate a matrix server 😉) But basically we were running in a nested-virtualization setup with pretty limited resource (6 vCPU, 10GB RAM, 150GB disk) and a shared IP with a reverse proxy to forward to a bunch of different services

I bought some hardware last week, racked it yesterday and now have a bunch of dedicated IPv4 addresses so it's got a lot of resource spare (32 core, 80GB ram, 2TB disk)

@phil_tanner @idanoo and the 'arch' means the fellow knows cli-fu so watch yourself sir

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