It's probably time I did an .

I'm Dan, currently in Auckland trying to grind my way out of the city life :laserkiwi:

I'm a Site Reliability Engineer for work, Pilot for hobby and a solo dad. I have a cockatiel :blobcockatiel: Probably drink way too much as well.

I started in Jan 2020 to see what it was all about, now here we are!


@idanoo what’s your cockatiel’s name? We had one named Captain Claws Poo Peabody when I was a kid/teen. Last seen circling in the sky heading towards Akaroa 🔭

@mellopuffy @LisSmith Her name's Ash. Took awhile for her to get used to the harness but now she loves it.

That's a great name! They will take any chance they can get at escaping 😅

@idanoo @LisSmith I can see why you called her Ash! I’ve never seen a harness like that before 😊

@mellopuffy @LisSmith Took me awhile to figure it out. Little loop goes over their head and then clips up under their wings. Super snug!

@mellopuffy @idanoo oh my goodness. How cute is she? And how cute is that little harness? I didn’t even know you could get a bird harness. Genius!

@idanoo So grateful for your starting it! Even though I’m on another instance, I’m so happy many people I know have found yours a safe and happy place to be.

@jackyan Thanks! I'm glad too, it's grown so much in the last week and everyone has been super nice!

@idanoo Love Auckland

But, then, there was nowhere in NZ I didn’t like when I visited

@Lomelindi12 It's nice, but the travel to work through traffic and the cost of houses near the city is too expensive. I would love somewhere a bit quieter on the outskirts of Auckland maybe. One day :)

@idanoo I bet! I would think the suburbs are really expensive too?

@idanoo typical... Everywhere I go there's already a Dan 😂

@danxduran Tell me about it.. When I was at school there was 4 of us in a class of 25 😆

@idanoo same... Wondering now if we were in the same class, haha. Once at work I looked up and realised completely coincidentally, there were four Dans all sitting at the same desk pod

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