I've just decommissioned peertube.nz

There was way too much spam/admin involved for what I got out of it. It's definitely got potential as a platform. However, even with email verification I still had >100 spam accounts created to maybe 2-3 real ones.

@idanoo This has been my experience too, the lack of content that is. I want the idea to succeed but there's things like Odysee splitting the already small number of people looking for a FOSS YouTube alternative, and too much junk/repeated content.
I'll keep my closed instance online for now but I barely look at it.

@michael I'm glad to see I'm not the only one! I considered keeping mine locked down but the content just wasn't there for me. Going to focus more on my other hosted platforms :)

I notice many spam accounts on my PT instance too.
It's sad that PT has so much junk content:(
IMHO we need more high quality PT instances which is the reason why i am so strict on my instance.


@official_videocave Yeah I might give that a go next time. I don't have enough content to contribute myself yet @michael

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