Can Spring come back yet? It's a little bit cold and not even at the peak of winter yet

We don't usually get many 4C mornings and I'm realising my heating bill is about to go through the roof

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Sadly, despite 30 years warning of climate change, hundreds of Canadians are dying of a phenomenal heatwave. However earlier this year deep Texas--almost all the way to Mexico City--scores died of a cold outbreak. Meanwhile, the Aussies are up in arms that climate change is a hoax? Yeah baby, yeah. Consider your heating bill advance warning that your house isn't ready for the Great Resettlement of Earth.

@MangoMamba I completely agree. Were starting to see the extremes at each end :(


People cling to the edge because it's a known place. The fuzzy middle is uncomfortable even for the best informed. God forbid I be wrong! Though with this very rapid change many times I hope I am.

@idanoo we had our first frost in a long time, here in the #FarNorth. We had to defrost the windscreen on the car with warm water. Damn it's cold. LOL

@idanoo Now living in Chch after leaving Brisbane, climate was one of the big reasons for moving. The cold might sting my cheeks in the morning, but it's a welcome change from the humid furnace of Queensland summers.

@michael Oh I bet! I can barely handle normal Aussie weather.

I much prefer cold over heat, but was not expecting the sudden near-zero temps in Auckland 😅

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