I seem to say this every other month. I need to use Mastodon more.

Life has just been too busy. Can I have a break now?

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@idanoo it's definitely great for keeping up with conversations and announcements around FOSS, but I struggle to find a similar breadth of content that you would on other bird themed platforms.

@idanoo How is the IT industry at the moment? Seems to be a pretty hot topic at the moment. I bet the Waikato DHB incident is only going to turn the heat up more sorry.

@idanoo Oh wow, I know how tricky a migration can be. I wish you the best.

My mate worked at Telegis when it was acquired by Verizon. The corporation added a bunch of restrictive IT requirements that would have scared me off.

I guess a positive is it frees up kiwis to innovate somewhere else once a product becomes too big to move.

@liamdiprose Yeah I'm interested to see what happens. So far there aren't too many changes and it's meant to stay that way for the time being

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